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#1 Posted : 12/4/2019 4:31:06 PM
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I have been growing few acacia trees indoor for years now.

At some point I had to battle the different infestations: the spider mites (nasty little things!) and then, after having left the trees on the outside during hot summer, the trees contracted armored scale insects. I totally failed to notice them in time (I'm not an experienced grower).

In both cases Actellic (pirimiphos-methyl or PM) had been used . Quite a bit of it.

I was reading some info about the pirimiphos-methyl on pubchem and some other sources, while it's not terribly toxic, I would still not want it to end up in the final product.

So far the info that I could find:
- PM wears off slowly and can stay in the ground for a while (especially in pots).
- It is a polar substance, so it will likely be pulled into the polar solvent during A/B extraction along with the goodies.

My question to those who have practical knowledge of PM: will gently washing my raw material with soapy water help to remove the PM out?

Thank you!
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