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I know I am not exactly an expert, having only got two threshold doses out my first 75g MHRB extraction, but thought I would share these tips anyway, although they may not be original, I haven't read them anywhere.

I managed to get every single last drop of naptha separated from the soup. I did this with an oral syringe, I sucked up the soup along with the tiny film of naptha, and then waited til it separated out in the syringe. I tapped it a bit to speed up the separation, then holding it upside down I used the palm of my hand to push the plunger so all the naptha was in the thinner bit at the top. I pushed the plunger just far enough so that the naptha went into the collection bowl but the soup stayed in the syringe.

Getting suspended crystals out of the solution.. a silicone lid from a large Pyrex bowl (20x15 cms at the top) did the job. I poured the naptha onto it when it was on a tiny bit of a slope, a lot of the crystals stuck to the lid and the remaining fluid collected into the dip around the edges, I poured it back into the soup for my next pull.

Heat up your pipe with a hairdryer prior to taking the hit. I put my finger over the hole at the top and mouthpiece of the pip before doing so.

Untested: A paraffin wax foot bath heats to 60 degrees, and the wax doesn't steam like water. To evaporate extra naptha, you could use one of these to prevent water from entering the collection jar

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