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I had an intense period dedicated to science a few weeks ago. I saw something multiple times. I’m resting now (more or less) and trying to grasp what I’ve seen and learned.

I’m not even sure I saw it on mushrooms or DMT mostly because some of the truffle trips showed me my memories of my two spice trips. I forgot these details after I came back from hyperspace. It was like the spice showed me things first I couldn’t even remember, then mushrooms showed me them again in a way I could grasp better. They were less intense and more real or "physical" but the patterns were similar.

This detail was unlike the rest. No fractals (as far as I remember), no creatures, and especially not darkness. It was not placed in "hyper".

How could I describe it?

It was like a stone, or a mountain, or a prism (or all of these together). Even though I saw it giant, size is relative. When I say "mountain", I refer not only to the size but to a steep outline. It was like something you could walk or climb on, to reach the top. Space might have been distorted though.

As far as I remember, there were brownish colors (that is not at all typical for the rest of my trips). They were like the colors of earth, soil, and rocks. I’m not sure how much the colors matter. The point is the visuals were no way related to neon colors or repeating patterns.

Somewhere on the "top", far away, there was light. Don’t imagine a gentle white light at the end of the tunnel but bright sunlight you can barely see as only a tiny bit of the edge of the sun is visible. The rest is behind the mountain. That’s why you can keep your eyes open.

I didn’t consider it the light of a star. I’m only trying to describe the visual. This light didn’t even seem to come from somewhere. It was there. There was its place. It belonged together with the rest.

I’m sure I saw it more than once, in separated trips, maybe twice or three times. It always looked the same while the rest of the trips were unique.

Almost all of my spice trips were in dark space or in rooms with neon colors and various shapes. My mushroom trips had a similar setting or the opposite, a mild white and not too bright room that seemed artificial (in an attractive way).

This stone was completely different from the rest.

The vision of the stone or prism consisted of light in many regards. Imagine a bright sky, this giant object with black shadows and shapes on its surface with even more light areas, and a bright shining at the edge of the object.

When I saw it, in addition to that it was beautiful and clean, I felt like it was the "essence" or the "source of the Creation". Or like if it was the origin. Or if it was everything, even though for being "everything" it was somehow simple.

I could say, it was like for a moment, I could see the Universe in a static form, and the rest of the trip that looked completely different was active, changing, and "playful" forms of the Universe. Or, I could say, the rest seemed to be the journey, the "entertaining", and this place seemed to be how "it is".

The above was only my impressions and thoughts about it. They may be wrong. However, the visual part was so well defined it made me consider it’s something real and significant that someone else could have seen as well. II was there during the peeks.

Has anyone seen such a thing?

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