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#1 Posted : 4/8/2010 7:34:32 PM

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So after following the blab tek but instead of using fumaric acid to precipitate the dmt, swim used vinegar instead and it yielded a lovely looking reddish resin that smelled of vinegar

he then wanted to make some changa but learned it was unsmokeable in its current form and only good for oral doses.

hence the experiment.

The Dmt acetate was added to approximately 3 tablespoons of sodium carbonate and 150 ml of water, mixed thoroughly and dried

it was then added to a jar, shaken vigorously into approximately 200 ml 99% isopropyl alcohol and decanted for approximately 1 hour

The now Dmt containing iso was separated and filtered from the sodium carbonate and put in a pan to evaporate overnight, a few hours into the evaporation it looked to be some kind of gelatin untill thoroughly dried over night

the final product is scraped up and weighed.
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Great job and fantastic looking end product! Surprised

The loss in yield is very disappointing although typical for this style of freebase conversion.

Have you considered trying the new freebasing technique that involves evaporating your vinegar with heat? The heat breaks apart the acetic acid bond and vaporizes the acetate out of material leaving behind your freebase.

The end result will likely be more gooey but if you are making Changa you will not sustain such a large loss in yield and you could make a pretty thick Changa batch from red gooey ultra-potent DMT freebase.

House made some Ruby Goo Changa:
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#3 Posted : 4/12/2010 3:31:50 AM

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I'd try pulling from the based mix again. That's a big difference.

#4 Posted : 11/4/2019 11:49:31 PM

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But wait...

* When you add excess sodium carbonate to an aqueous solution of DMT acetate, you're left with freebase DMT, sodium acetate, water, CO2 and unreacted sodium carbonate.

* After drying, it's fb DMT, sodium acetate and sodium carbonate.

* The IPA pull leaves behind the unreacted sodium carbonate. But sodium acetate is soluble in IPA, so your IPA contains both DMT and sodium acetate; in fact, for each DMT molecule there is one molecule of sodium acetate. So only ~70% of your product is DMT.

To get rid of the sodium acetate, you'd have to wash your DMT with water, in which sodium acetate is very soluble (which fb DMT is not).

Or am I missing something?
#5 Posted : 11/5/2019 4:53:35 PM

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You just reminded me, I was wondering the same thing about fumarate conversion using sodium carbonate. Would there be sodium fumarate producd, which would then be picked up by the acetone or alcohol used to pull your freebase dmt?

I tried googling it but cant find any info on solubility of sodium fumarate, except in water, in which it is about apparently 10 times more soluble than fumaric acid.

According to wikipedia, sodium acetate is very soluble in water (approx 100g/100ml), less in methanol (16g/100g) and much less in acetone (0.5g/kg). So maybe pulling with a acetone and washing with (cold?) water would work. Might lose some dmt freebase in the water though.
#6 Posted : 11/5/2019 5:09:42 PM

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A yet different approach, not involving IPA, acetone or any other similar solvents: instead of using sodium carbonate as base, use an ammonia solution.

The excess ammonia will evaporate, leaving behind only freebase DMT and ammonium acetate (or fumarate). So there is no base to remove, only the acid neutralization product. Which brings us to the same place as the IPA-using protocol proposed in the OP, but without using IPA or similar solvents.

This can be washed with cold ammonia solution (and then dried), which will incur some DMT losses, but perhaps less as there is less stuff to remove, so less water is needed.
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I use this approach for such conversion
(it is actually necessary for me as I use salting out of dmt from toluene during my extractions)

Dissolve dmt salt in water. I use directly cleaned vinegar saltings.

Basify it. Dmt fb precipitate.

Filter out using funnel with cotton ball in it, dmt fb stays in funnel, basic water goes through it and can be discarded.

Wash dmt fb with small amount of very cold plain water or with sodcarb basic water while still in funnel.

Pour IPA into the funnel, it will dissolve dmt, as it goes through slowly because of cotton ball. Of course, keep the IPA.

Evaporate. (I use glass petri dish).

Wash dmt fb sticked to glass with small amount of cold water and check pH of this water. If too basic, repeat this step.
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