Please help Harm Reduction by updating this reagent video table Options
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Hello all,

As some of you may be aware, we had created this massive reagent reaction videos database for all sorts of substances for harm reduction and testing plant extracts.

We had published the videos in collaboration with The Bunk Police but BP’s channel was banned from youtube. But now most of the videos have now been uploaded to Vimeo instead.

In order for us to not throw all that work down the drain and help harm reduction worldwide, we need to relink all the videos in that table so people have access to the information again.

Unfortunately I simply cant relink the 1000+ video links in any reasonable amount of time by myself...

Since this is all for the community, I thought maybe some of you guys can help me. Its basically just copy pasting the new vid links into an excel table which is used by the database to link the videos. It takes only a couple of minutes to update a substance with all the vids, if different people can help me updating a substance or two, this would greatly speed up the process. The step by step explanation is:

1- Download attached excel file in the latest post of this thread

Open the excel file and check which is the next substance in alphabetical order that hasn’t been updated yet , considering the last substance updated will be named in this thread by the last poster.

3- To get the link to reagent reaction videos on the dry/crystal substances (“dry” entries on second column of the excel table), go to and on the search box write: substance name + reagent test kit(for example “DMT reagent test kit). There should be a Bunk Police video. Just right-click and “copy link location” of the video. Some of the videos may not have been uploaded yet. Paste to the link to the 4th column (mVideoUrl) in the appropriate row .

To get the link to the reagent reaction videos on TLC plates (“tlc” entries on the second column), go to , keep scrolling down the video list on the right to load the thumbnail of all the 360 vids. Once they names/thumbnails of all appear, ctrl-f to search for the substance name you are updating the table with. Right-click, copy link location. Paste to the link in the appropriate row on the 4th column (mVideoUrl).

5- Make a new post on this thread naming the substances you updated. I suggest just going in alphabetical order. Below the text box when adding the new post, click the “attach files to this post” box, and next screen will allow you to attach the excel file you just updated in your computer.

Thank you very much for any help

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Currently complete through 2C-C for the dry tests.
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