q21 dry tek with heavy evaporating wundbenzin naphtha Options
#1 Posted : 10/10/2019 11:04:29 PM

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Hi there,

is it necessary to heat up naphtha (wundbenzin which evaporates allready at 40 to 60 celsius) when pulling from sludge? Is it normal to loose half or more of the naphtha when heating up the naphtha to much? It is boiling quite fast. somebody experience with wundbenzin and q21?
The naphtha feels so light that I could imagine it needs not so much heat like naphtha which boils at 100 celsius.

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#2 Posted : 10/11/2019 12:18:02 AM

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If your solvent is boiling you are way too hot-- I've never seen any instance where that kind of heat is needed or recommended-- not to mention the serious hazard of super heated extremely flammable vapors under pressure.

I don't usually go much above 50C myself usually (I use a sous vide heater to heat my jar in a vat of water-- with the solvent added. Very accurate, safe, and great overall solution for targeted-temp long-length heating/extraction), and get extremely effective extractions.

I also use VM&P Naptha, and have never seen it boil-- even at 60C in my sous vide for 1,5 hours.... so I'm not sure why yours is reacting that way.

#3 Posted : 10/11/2019 9:52:18 AM

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Hi coAsTal,

that was my feeling to. The boiling doesn't help and feels not right.

When I understand it right my solvent has a boiling point between 40 and 60 Celsius.So at 50 it could boil already. Which is great for evaporating later but not for working with it. A waterbath with near boiling water was used to heat it up.

So my question is: Is it enough to only heat my solvent to 30 or 40 Celsius? My feeling is that the solvent is separating much better from plant material and water than normal naphtha would do. Can someone who already worked with Wundbenzin tell their experiences?
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