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#1 Posted : 10/10/2019 4:54:24 PM

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I start a new topic on this subject because we are right in amanitas season and I think there will be many people interested in participate with this research.

I would like us to share and compile here all the methods of preparation we have tried accompanied with a few subjective commentaries on the strength, duration and quality of the effect we got from each method.

Also we can compile here all the interesting documents we found on the Amanita Muscaria subject.

Every kind of reflections or experiments are welcome too.

OK so I start with the very little experience I have.

- I first took the mushroom some 8 years ago. Red European specimens oven dried at 60°c. 10 grams cooked in an omelette sent me asleep after 1 hour. No nausea (I smoked some weed). I woke up at hour two in an advanced state of dissociation. No physical discomfort but a strong dissociation that was at this time so strange for me that I felt lost between the earth and the sky. My mind wanted to slip upward and my consciousness wasn't able to let go and made me fall on earth every 2 seconds. I smoked weed again after a while a fell asleep without dreams. I felt amazingly great the day after.

- The second experience was again with red European caps oven dried at 60°. 10 grams where chewed and swallowed. The settings were not good, I was with people partying, I drank a bit of alcohol and smoked some weed and tobacco.
The effect was characterized by waves of intense dizziness that forced me to sit, close my eyes and breath until it passes alternated with waves of great energy and joy.

- The third experience I made was smoking a water extract (cook the dried mushroom in water for an hour, filter and reduce to get a kind of dark resin, dark enough to smoke it in a pipe with tobacco). This gave me a very pleasurable high very relaxing and crazy vivid dreams at the moment of falling asleep.

- Another experience was made with Colombian amanitas from Bogotá. They were sun-dried and kept soft in the humid tropical climate of the amazon for 2 months. Before taking them I've been through 4 intense Kambo treatments in a week. I ate three medium caps on empty stomach. Awsome effects !!! Absolutely no physical discomfort, pure nice dissociation, very energetic. I've been dancing and drumming for hours and I made breaks only to slowly slip in a magical dreamy state with communication of another kind with my half conscious, half unconscious mind. Beautiful journey, very promising potential of the mushroom.

- 4 years have passed since then and I made my last experiment yesterday after a good research on the chemical proprieties of ibotenic acid and a long meditation, talking to the mushroom to know directly from him how I have to prepare it. I ended with a simple protocol that consists in drying the caps (less than 80°c). Cook them in boiling milk with sugar for 15 minutes. Let cool down, add some unheated milk (the same amount that has evaporated during the boil). Let sit for at least 3 hours and drink (empty stomach for high doses).
Yesterday I tried this but without the last part. I just drank it hot after the boil because it was late. From 1g of dried European specimens I got a nice clear dissociation that allowed me to enter in a deep meditative state. No nausea at all, no tiredness, only the rush of relaxing energy and dissociative flow that make you sing for hours without thinking it.
I took the same amount prepared the same way this morning and got the same effects that I still feel until now.
I will try this evening a dose a little bit higher following the whole recipe.

The feeling I have is that this mushroom has to be treated like a meal. Which means it has to be cooked. Maybe the unheated milk addition will do the trick to decarboxilate correctly the ibotenic acid since it contain lactobacilli able to do that. Let see tonight if there is any change !

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#2 Posted : 10/10/2019 5:05:55 PM

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So in short empty stomach and kambo cleanings before gave a very clear effect from dried and cured mushrooms.

Until now cooked mushrooms never gave nausea nor physical discomfort. Only dried ones gave physical discomfort.

Boiling water extract gave a potent resin, active by smoking.

Cooking dried mush in milk gave a relatively strong effect from a small dose (1g).

Mix amanita with a small amount of alcohol gave horrible waves of weakness and nausea.

Goes pretty well with ganja and tobacco.
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My experiences with Amanita:

- once I ate whole small young fresh mushroom cap. It had quite good taste, little bit spicy, but felt almost no effect, maybe improved sleep, but hard to tell.

- once I ate few grams of oven dried material, first two hours it was quite sedating, sleepy, then it became stimulating and some interesting time distortion effect was felt for few hours. Slightly similar to low dose of datura, more dissociating, not psychedelic.
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#4 Posted : 10/11/2019 9:52:40 AM

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Hi everyone,
So yesterday night I drank a preparation of 1,5g of oven dried European red caps cooked 15 minutes in a cup of boiling milk with a teaspoon of sugar then I let it cool down, added the same quantity of unheated milk that has been evaporated during the boil (a half of the initial quantity) and let sit for about 10 hours. Before drinking I filtered it and discarded the solids.

After an hour or so I smoked some weed with strong tobacco. It definitely match very well with it.

The effects were just beautiful ! I've been filled with pure magic during the whole time. A crystal clear dissociation full of magic and euphoria. I spent the night singing and clapping my hands in a profound state of trance and laughing from the incredible clarity and purity of the effect. I was amazed by the feeling of "magic" that brings this mushroom. It definitely is the pure Christmas magic, I have no words to tell the joy that fills me. The magic still exist !! (For people who never stopped to believe in Smile )

The effect from 1,5g prepared this way was clear and strong with absolutely no nausea nor physical discomfort. I could compare it to the strength of the three uncooked medium sized Columbian caps I ate a few years before.
I also have a long past with extensive ketamine use and this is the dream of any dissociative lover ! Amanita muscaria is pure spiritual magic that heals you ! So perfect ! Very happy

Let's try higher doses !
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#5 Posted : 10/22/2019 1:46:25 PM

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A few words about my lasts experiences with the mushroom.

After the two first experiments, I decided to prepare 7 grams the same way (15min in boiling milk with a bit of sugar) and drank it on empty stomach, smoked some weed and tobacco after finishing the drink.
I had a strong dissociative effect from this dose with a strange feeling of time being annihilated. Impossible to remember something from the past or to project something in the future, everything was manifesting in the present This sensation led to another sensation of being in infinite loops of space/time frames that succeeded in a nonlinear dynamic.
This sensation could have been annoying if trying to function as usual but letting go everything led to a pure sensation of ecstasy. I was filled with an infinite flow of vital energy. Everything was vibrating so strong ! I could only feel it flowing through myself and the world, and laugh and sing and dance.
I did so for a few hours and then fell asleep in the middle of the night without dreams.

I woke up at 4am with a unique idea in the head : prepare more of it ! So I cooked 25 grams the same way I did before and drank a third of it (about 8 or 9 grams) with about 3 grams of dried liberty caps. Again smoked some weed.
It was still night when the combo started to kick in. In half an hour everything was melting around me so strong that I was unable to focus on something even with great efforts so I just kept the eyes closed and waited until I could understand where I was and do something (at least sit down and look in front of me). During the whole time I had no constructed visions, only a void of color/energy melting in every directions. When I finally got up after a few hours I entered again in the ecstatic state I was in the day before but waaaaaayyy stronger ! I spent again many hours feeling so amazingly great that the words can not tell about the orgasmic state I was in during the whole day !
I redosed a third of the amanita during the afternoon and again the last third just before the evening, enough to never have the sensation of coming down. I fell asleep early in the night. I was exhausted. No dreams.

(A total of 32 grams in 24 hours is quite high dose of amanita muscaria that I would not recommend to anyone unless this person have experience, feels ready for it and is in perfect conditions.)

I woke up the next morning feeling great, no hangover.

I let one day off to rest.

After this I took small doses (between 1 and 5 grams) almost everyday during 10 days, sometimes taking one dose in the morning and another one at night.

My dreams are starting to get very vivid even with a daily use of marijuana. I feel more and more sensitive to the stimulating effects and it tends to be more and more "psychedelic" with time, it feels like the potential opens up slowly.

I've dried some skins from fresh caps and smoked it in combination with oral dose and without.

It is highly active by just smoking. Active enough to fall in a trance state with a few big puffs.
Smoking without oral dose felt stronger than in combination with oral dose (???).

Two times I gave a water decoction (≈1g 5min in boiling water) to my wife with the purpose to heal her gums. It worked quite well both times with a great reduction of sensitivity and pain for a few days after washing her mouth with the liquid then drinking it.

In subjective communications the mushroom told me to always put sugar in the preparation in order to protect the stomach from any harm that could result from his consumption. He told me to use milk to strengthen the effect on the psyche and to use water for special healing purpose.

Following my intuition I prepared a jar of fresh skins that I want to let ferment for a few weeks and then dry it all to smoke it. I will let you know how it goes.
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