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Ok guys so I don't often post reports here because well writing aint my best skill but I feel compelled to do so today so ill try here we go...

So the day started off with a plan I had some things to do well plans fell through wich quickly led to boredom so I figured why not spend the day with the some of the mushroom spirit bouncing around inside me! Quickly chomped down a few grams with a orange juice chaser. Put on some music and waited for it to kick in. I have found as soon as I feel them getting some spice in me greatly amplifies it and sets the tone perfectly! So that's exactly what I did. Lay back and hold on. Immediately the initial patterns come on very round and bubbly (I find this often happens with the mushroom influence). So this time I didn't go "through" the veil to arrive somewhere else. It was more like the veil encapsulated me like I was stuck halfway there. Bubbles growing poping and merging into other bubbles all around these bubbles came to signify thought itself. There was a presence here with me. It was very trickster-ish. He began to use the bubbles to play a game with me. Since the bubbles were thoughts my thoughts projected into them it was like he slightly sped it up. Every thought I had came out through the bubbles but here was the game. Every one of them happened a millisecond before I thought them. Every thing that went through my head he knew BEFORE it was MY thought. At first this was a fun game! At some point I think this was some kinda mind control. How does he know what I am thinking before I think it? Or is he making ME think these thoughts a second after he was? It got a little puzzling a scary for a minute. But as soon as I seemed worried (and this looped back a couple times) Every Time I was worried I got this child like laughter. This was not some kind of mind control with some evil intent at ALL! This was just a game. It was very childlike like a child running around in a play ground just playing a game! As this winds down I have the feeling there was also a purpose for this game. It was just another thing he was showing me to break out of my own thinking. One of those forget everything you know because there is so much more and a lot of what you know is backwards! Also this was for sure the biggest time distorting event I have had! it felt like this went on for a hour. When I started to come back enough to look at the clock I was AMAZED it had only been about 12 mins! I felt like so much longer!!

Any way things simmer down for a while as the spice leaves and I am left to play with the mushrooms. I wasn't tripping super hard at this point. So decide to watch a video about the electric universe theory and think about if this theory that seems to be gaining new ground has any truth to it. Well after having my mind blow by this trickster and realizing so much of what we know really is backwards this theory actually make a whole LOT of sense! I mean after all electricity is a great power source. And we know we have electrical impulses through our body and brain. Then I think back to how similar a picture of the brain looks to a picture of the universe itself. The super clusters and filiments look a lot like the brain firing. And hey if there are electrical impulses in our brain why not that be the power in the universe too.

So eventually I decide to smoke again. Get my things ready put on some music and take 2 decent size puffs. So this is where things get amazing putting it into words just doesn't do it justice. It wasn't the normal breakthrough we talk about I didn't GO anywhere but the mushrooms and the spice came togather PERFECTLY! Instantly shards of light fall into the room. Dance around for a second or 2 then BOOM explode into arrows of rainbows going in everywhich direction! I have had these lights come and dance post breakthrough before and I feel like they are "others" coming to dance! They usually just dance around but never like this the eplosions into rainbow arrows was new! As soon as 1 would explode another would take its place. It was like the most beautiful firework show you could possibly imagine! The room morphing in every direction! I felt the need to get up and dance with the exploding lights! Wich is strange I don't dance much! But on trying to get to my feet I quickly realized that was not going to happen! Well not without a BIG risk of falling on my head! HAHA So I fall back into the bed and just move around dancing laying down listening to the music! This part is extremely HARD to put into words but I completely lost myself to the moment! Just pure bliss happiness satisfaction like NOTHING I have ever felt before. The visuals were purely amazing. Bright multicolor rainbows but not fuzzy bright and sharp color and shape coming out of the bright white lightbulb. The shards of light still dancing and exploding into rainbow arrows! my hands morphing and tracing all around as i move them! The feeling I just don't have words for! Like I said pure happiness it felt so damn good just to move about doing my "laying down dance". Just being ONE with the moment the experience! Dropping all worry about anything Dropping all questions JUST BEING! I seriously cant describe just how good this felt! This moment has changed me forever! After a while I feel the spice start to wear off the light shards disapeer but a new visual game arose! This beautiful blue and purple dot come into vision. If i closed my eyes it instantly changed to orange and red looked just like the sun! it was fun changing it back and forth by opening and closing my eyes! Then it got really fun i could CONTROLL this dot just with a thought i could make it grow or shrink move left right up down! it was so FUN to play with this! things fade some more so I decide to take a break get a drink smoke a cig.

I can just feel the mushrooms just starting to dissipate...I want that feeling back! Now i have struggled with really bad addictions in the past! And recently well i have been using psychedelics a little more than i know i should. I have beat myself up over it i have been hyper slapped because it! It hasn't stoped me. I rationalize it away as "oh its not nearly as bad as other things have grabbed me" So i say to myself this is it! The "honeymoon" as many have put it needs to slow down But i am already here i am going to enjoy TODAY as much as possible then start to slow it down.

So i prepare for 1 more blast off! This time i instantly feel its going to go deep! I had my 1st "god head" experience recently as well. I feel like i actually met him...god the source the original what ever you want to call it. So as soon as i lay back i invite him back i say we met now i want to really KNOW you! I was in this white gold and silver room it was beautiful but the visuals was not what it was about! it was all about the feeling and the conversation! I want to know what is the purpose for all this why are we here? Before i could finish the thought i feel this ultimate love like the happiness i had just experienced for my self but this was something having that happiness and love for me. The answer to my question of why was SO DAMN SIMPLE YET SO PROFOUND! it was "You just discovered is to seek out and discover what isn't known then just let it all go and experience it. BE IT...BE ALIVE AND FEEL GOOD! Just do what feels good and and live in the moment. Drop all worries all your fears all your questions and LIVE!" This is it people this is what EVERYTHING IS ALL ABOUT! I discovered OUR feelings are directly related to his feelings! I have heard the idea before that we are spirits with amnesia we don't know where we came from why we are here. Well the original spirit feels the same way. Wich would make sense think if you were the first you wouldnt know what made you cause well if something made you then you NOT the 1st! This is why my answer to why we are here was simply just to live, to feel good or to FEEL at all, just simply be! That is what the first spirit is it just is what it is! I had a long conversation and well again the same old lesson came back to be true we are all connected even with god the original spirit his feelings are our feelings! It wasn't just the word for word conversation it was the feeling. I feel like i intimately know who god is and what he wants from us. I now truly understand the nature of my life. I have a love for god AND MYSELF that i have never had before or even knew i wanted! Now i know what a true love is! As this conversation came to a end audible words "it feels good to sit on my throne again! I instantly knew what this ment. We have pictures of god sitting on a throne up above us but really we are his throne! He just wants us to let him in and be with him! Then it went back to that pure bliss and happiness that i described above! i went back to enjoying the visuals the intense feeling of being alive and just getting lost in the moment!

So as it turns out i am SO happy i didn't talk myself out of taking that last blast off! As i said i contemplated with it for a few mins because i have been doing this more often than originally planned. However this day has changed EVERYTHING for me. It has changed how i feel about myself and my place in this universe! I have felt a love for myself and a love of just being alive that i never had before! I was satisfied like i NEVER had been before! I woke up this morning feeling new. Still feeling the satisfaction of yesterday! I feel like i wont have to fight with myself about "wanting more" and never being content. I feel FULL, i feel WHOLE! I don't NEED MORE....WEll not yet anyway Big grin The whole day yesterday was the greatest trip of my life! It has changed so much and is something i can NEVER forget!

I truely want to thank EACH AND EVERY one of you who have contributed to this forum! Your knowledge made this possible! Your reports guided me only to lead me back to my true self! And a SPECIAL thanks to the traveler for creating this site! Without this would i have found dmt…possibly but getting to the end result wouldnt have been as easy or as fulfilling without every single person here!....Anyway it was extremely hard to put these feelings into words there is no way i could possibly convey it all! Hopefully some of it got through!

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Good read Thumbs up All I can say is two things. 1.That bubble thought game would seem indicative of the fact that thoughts control us, explained more thoroughly in the attached file. 2 Thank you for being you and being around=)
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