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#1 Posted : 10/10/2019 1:00:21 AM

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Sartre once took a large dose of mescaline and said that for months later he constantly saw this group of lobsters/crabs following him around. I was wondering if this is really possible. Does HPPD reach a visual perception change that is so intense? He often mentions lobsters/crabs randomly in his novels but I always wondered if his experience was a bit over exaggerated.

Here's an article on it.

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Sartre was a hack anyway. Being and Nothingness is fundamentally flawed and reads like an attempt to recapture the tradition of phenomenology with a well intentioned misreading.

Sartre was always a better playwright then philosopher.

My two cents.

As to the validity of the possibility: yes. I would add that Sartre's symptoms were mild as compared to those you might read around the web. Interesting none the least.
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