Dissolving DMT into PG/VG Options
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Hello all, so I am finally coming around to getting my vape pen set up. I just extracted a good amount of DMT and decided to use this guide from the Shroomery for getting everything up and running:


I have heard of vape pens not really working due to things such as having way too low DMT potency in the e liquid or using a device not suitable for efficiently vaporizing DMT. My goal is to not waste an entire gram of DMT because I didn't have a good perspective on how to set this up

So basically, the guide I have linked suggests the following:

1. Heat a mixture of 1ml VG (vegetable glycerin) and 1ml of PG (propylene glycol) in a small jar.
2. Dissolve 1g of DMT in the mixture.
3. Add the mixture to the tank.

I have some concerns:

1. An entire gram of DMT seems like an enormous volume for only 2ml of liquid, but that 1 ml of PG will hold it. Does that seem right?
2. Could I cause problems by heating the solution too much or too little? For example, evaporating too much of the liquid by making it too hot.
3. What would be the correct utensil for transferring the mixture to the vape tank? A pipette?

Would anyone who has experience doing this kind of thing be able to shed some advice? I'm not sure if I'm just overthinking this or if it isn't going to go the way I think at all.

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Hi, I've smoked DMT from an electronic vape probably around 40 or so times.

I take 1gram DMT powder, and dilute to 2ml vape juice 50/50 like you say.
I use a sub ohm coil, set to 65W. using a 2ml size Tank.

However... you don't use all that. - Take the coil of your vape, usually it's cotton wrapped on the inside, you take a pipette and dab that DMT mixture around the top and side of the coil, I blow gently with my mouth around the lip of the coil to push the DMT down and around the cotton. - Then take clear 50/50 vape, and dab it around to make sure the cotton is actually damp, if it's dry it will burn... so you want to make sure you use clear just to saturate the cotton.
The top edge of the cotton should have a good amount of DMT, but not enough to start spitting around the place when you press the button. Try getting it around the sides a bit as well as the top
- Next take two or three squirts into the tank of that mixture, and then dilute it with a little extra clear 50/50 mix.
The trouble I found is the solution is too thick at the first mixture to actually soak properly through the side chambers.
So you need to dilute it once it's in the tank and then roll it around to make sure it runs smoothly all around.
This acts just only as a "top up" because you've already broken through from the stronger DMT on the inside of the coil.
You do that by judgment on thickness, and experience. You'll still have a lot of DMT left over which you can seal up and keep aside for other times. I can do maybe 6 or 7 full prolonged trips from 1gram total.

Then you start off with 3 or 4 smaller vapes, just to get the cotton pulling in the liquid from the chamber.
Then carry on with big lung fulls until you reach the point of visual, just keep going.. it can take 6 or 7 puffs.
It's all fine, you don't need to rush. You can break through with a steady as you go method.
People think you have to do it hectic all at once, it's not true.
It's just about mindset, and wanting to reach higher once you see the colours/patterns/ geometry, go beyond that to what is above, the spiritual reality. - Take more vape every 5 minutes as needed to keep you in the state for as long as you want. Let your inner self guide you, and listen to it, I've gone about 45 minutes to an hour on trips this way.
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1g mixes with 1ml no problem so 2ml is fine, don't go round the houses like hyper jester is saying just heat your 1g in a shot glass in a cup of hot water then add your 50/50 eliquid, mix then put in your tank, it's as simple as that. Leave it 10 mins to saturate then blast off
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