Dissolving DMT into PG/VG Options
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Hello all, so I am finally coming around to getting my vape pen set up. I just extracted a good amount of DMT and decided to use this guide from the Shroomery for getting everything up and running:


I have heard of vape pens not really working due to things such as having way too low DMT potency in the e liquid or using a device not suitable for efficiently vaporizing DMT. My goal is to not waste an entire gram of DMT because I didn't have a good perspective on how to set this up

So basically, the guide I have linked suggests the following:

1. Heat a mixture of 1ml VG (vegetable glycerin) and 1ml of PG (propylene glycol) in a small jar.
2. Dissolve 1g of DMT in the mixture.
3. Add the mixture to the tank.

I have some concerns:

1. An entire gram of DMT seems like an enormous volume for only 2ml of liquid, but that 1 ml of PG will hold it. Does that seem right?
2. Could I cause problems by heating the solution too much or too little? For example, evaporating too much of the liquid by making it too hot.
3. What would be the correct utensil for transferring the mixture to the vape tank? A pipette?

Would anyone who has experience doing this kind of thing be able to shed some advice? I'm not sure if I'm just overthinking this or if it isn't going to go the way I think at all.

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