Virtual Vibe & The Love Circuit Options
#1 Posted : 9/10/2019 9:20:47 PM

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You hear about everything being a vibration. The best way to interpret everything as a vibration is to use what you got. So, unconsciously we might absorb a bunch of information on the brain sectors, etc, So leave it up to your dream and reality to lead you in the direction. Which ever direction youre lead can represent where you are in your own body. You visit a memory, and walk on the rainbow road version, as an interpretation, and that will be the visualization easiest for you to process. So youre walking on the physical memory of your dna, both here and in dream, and its up to you to figure out what it means, for you. Thats what it means to be a vibration.

Now, the next part is about the love circuit. When i use the word energy here, I mean it in the way of, activity that already exists in your mind, and how each person has personalized its definition. One energy focuses on something. One energy judges the thing that was focused on. Only as long as the 2nd energy is above its zero threshold does it make us happy. Before we consider this, both energies can be in confrontation, causing problems. And, after we consider it, there can be an over abundance of happiness, causing nausea. So, we have to be over the zero point, adapting to its consideration, and doing it in a way that makes us not throwing up.

So, theres some consciousness help. Hope it helps.

Theres still more to everything here, because its the first time humanity is gonna be in on the right track. So theres a whole new understanding.

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I know more about the gods than your priest, ive seen them.

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Idk wtf you just said... but I dig it Thumbs up
This guys ego ^
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hehe ty. Very happy
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Extreme seductiveness is at the boundary of horror

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My love circuit is confused.
The metaphysical comfort--with which, I am suggesting even now, every true tragedy leaves us--that life is at the bottom of things, despite all the changes of appearances, indestructibly powerful and pleasurable--this comfort appears in incarnate clarity in the chorus of the satyrs, a chorus of natural beings who live ineradicably, as it were, behind all civilization and remain eternally the same, despite the changes of generations and of the history of nations.

Ontology has it backwards. “This ‘saying to the Other’ — this relationship with the Other as interlocutor, this relation with an existent — precedes all ontology; it is the ultimate relation in Being”
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laughter is the best medicine

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i wish i could understand what was just said, maybe one day.....
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