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Having had my third ketamine experience the previous day, consisting of 80mg which provided feelings of euphoria and numbness and joy, I had my final ketamine trip which was 60mg snorted at once. I fell in bed and starting falling through the bed and above me was a black hole with black tentacles things kind of like Venom from spider man, but just a black hole. This was a better experience than the previous day which had been amazing. I was so numb and dissacioated. My three previous doses none had been this dissociative. I could not open my eyes and I could not see. I could barley get up but mangaed to put some dmt on top of some herb (no harmalas with ketamine!!) Unfortunatley the setting was not good as it was 11am and a busy time in my household. But I smoked. Each toke was extremley powerful and gave effects right away. Afer some tokes streched out, two triangles appeared infront of me and I started leaving my body, my heart rushing. I said No Thank You, Enough For Me.

Anyway stuff happened later. And I even went for a bike ride. I had not done that since highschool!

Thing is the rest of the day and the next day I felt amazing! Great things happened in my life! I saw things diferently. I changed habits. I got motivated to change things. I didnt use ketamine again and didnt ask my plug for it and wont but there was a desire for it the following day and in fact 2 weeks later I still show up from work and when I go into my room I feel an urge to snort ketamine. I wont though.

Two weeks later I still remember how good and detached I felt the following day after that last dose. And I still carry the fire of self improvement ! This has been my first experience with a dissociative and its been the best introduction I could have had.

In that same week, and in the vein of this self improvement, I was laying in bed an afternoon completley sober (which is rare, but I'm working on that now) and apparently have some hppd because I was seeing things appear on the wall and stuff. And I get a vision of an A. But since I am sober I persue the manner differently than when high, and this time reached out and talked to a higher power, and said " I am very interested in that vision, I notice its not complete, please continue showing me. I want to know. Please continue the vision."

The A moved a little bit and I saw the other side of it (it turned from 2d to 3d)

It was a pyramid! The line passing through the A was the lines of the square rocks that make the pyramid.

Disclaimer; Ketamine is an addictive substance. Come in if you want, Get out if you can.
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