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Last night i took 270 microgram of 1P-LSD, and a slice of weedcake wich has something like half a gram of weed in it. Later on, i decided to eat another 1/4 of a slice.

When the acid and weedcake start to take effect, i put on my headphones and start to listen to some music. I made a playlist beforehand with some music on it, that i haven't heard before.

Shpongle's "magumba state" is one of those pieces.

The song is fantastic and i am truly enjoying this new music. It feels heavenly, amazing. I feel i am realy becoming one with the music.
But then the song suddenly speeds up, and changes. And i hear a voice.
"This is a warning".
Am i realy hearing this voice, or am i hallucinating?
"If you're afraid".
Does this voice belong to the music, or am i hearing things that aren't there?
"Then leave me now".
"We are going to the spirit world".

Seems like i am given the choice to either go on some musical adventure, or to stop listening to this weird supernatural music.

The music speeds up and it does indeed feel as if i am entering a different dimension.
This is music is magical. It transports you to a different plain. Reprograms your mind while you're listening to it. I can feel it happening.

When the song is over i feel like i just had a 1000 orgasms. Wow...just wow.

This is the time to go take a walk.
I leave my house, and walk to the forest. And i enter the forest.
But then the extra 1/4 slice of weedcake starts to kick in, and it seems that i deeply underestimated the power of that extra bit of weed.

The deeper i go into the forest, the more i realise that i am now tripping so hard that i cannot realy separate hallucinations from things that are real anymore.
It doesn't directly scare me, but i now start to wonder if maybe it would be better to go back home.
But i do not realy want to go home yet, because i am too much enjoying the wild energy and beauty of this dark forest.

However, i am more and more loosing my grip on reality. I am hearing music. And i start to wonder if maybe i am still laying on my bed, listening to shpongle with my eyes closed.

It does not seem very likely, but i must say that i am not realy sure of anything at this point.

Best strategy would be to treat all of this as if it IS real, me thinks.
But also....i am not realy in control anymore, i start to realise, so maybe it's better to go home now.

I don't realy want to leave this place, but i realise it is best to just go home now.
So i am walking back.
While i am walking back, i start to get some mild OBE sensations.
It is like my mind simply says "left", "right", or "straight ahead", and my body just automatically does it. But at the same time, while i am walking, i feel like my mind is almost detaching from my body, and just following it's general direction. But realy like it's floating along. Like a little helium balloon tied to my body with a little string. My feet are walking, but it almost seems as if i don't even feel them anymore. I just float.

When i get home, i fall into a sofa, staring out the window.
I feel better than ever. A great sense of euphoria, while i am becoming one with the melting walls, windows and outside scenery.

A few hours later when i very slowly start to get a little more grounded, i take another walk into the forest, just to witness the sunrise. A crazy spectacle of amazing colours and light.
It. is. just. amazing.
"Wow, wow, wow". That is the only way i could try to describe what i'm feeling.

This was great. Truly great.

Or am i still listening to "the magumba state" with my eyes closed?

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And that sums up the magic of psychedelics! Beautiful story, music can have such a wonderful effect on the experience.

Shpongle has done this to me a few times. They definitely create their music for psychedelic journies.
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amazing report! and yes shpongle deffinitly creates this music for us! they are deffinitly a fav I don't know if I could narrow down to a favorite but there is a top can guide a trip like nothing can make it bright it can make it dark and it can make it turn on a dime! even during a dark confusing (I don't like the words "bad trip" cause they usually work out or were there for a reason) but I find in that dark confusing space the right music can pull you right back and make it bright again! Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading it....I have a ton of woods across the street and often go for walks!
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Actually....just thought of something similar to report....this was when I was much younger. it was evening. I was bored and met a few friends from the neighborhood about a mile and a half away at a gas station...right before I left had a few drops of lsd. started my journey to the gas station when I arrived my 2 friends were already there 1 had a small amount of k that the 3 of us split the other had a some extacy took 2 pills...we sat around a picnic table smoking blunt after blunt. after a while I said hey lets walk back to my house....wanting to enjoy the walk we went through the woods we kinda walked around in circles for a while as we decided it better to stay out side there is this 1 giant hill with no trees on top but overlooks all the woods around...when we got here I took a sugar cube with another 2 drops on it...we all hung out for 2 more hours then decided to part ways they went the other direction to their house so I decided to sit on the hill throw my head phones on and smoke the last half a blunt I had...this is where it gets I get up and walk down the hill the woods turns VERY un familiar. I am not walking on any path I knew just stumbling through woods that seemed unknown and very dense...I see something run through the trees for a while it was almost playing hide and seek with me. Then I caught a glimpse of it. it was a deer but it was a baby all alone wich is very strange babies usually have mom around i said to myself well maybe it wants to be friends it seemed to let me very close but then would run behind another tree. i really felt as if i was playing hide and seek with it for a while eventually it ran off. So now i decide its time to go home. for some reason the woods still looked un familiar but i had the instinct i was facing the wrong way. i turned around walked about 50 feet and came right back to the clearing where the big hill was the sun was just starting to come up. i walked up and over the hill and made my way home. the whole time i was walking home contemplating i seemed to be chasing this deer around for at least a mile or 2 but yet when i turned around i was basicly right in front of the hill where i started. i still to this day don't know if i was really chasing a deer around or if i was just standing in the woods THINKING i was playing hide and seek with this deer???
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