What is your method for staying healthy and happy? Options
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Daily yoga. Regular sleep pattern, the data is in on this. Whole foods, the enteric nervous system (gut brain) produces 90% of our seratonin. Gardening. Stay honest and in truth so there is no internal conflict. Be present with family and friends. Pretty simple.
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Thanks guys for this thread.

I don't exercise regularly as such, but I do cycle. For me, time in nature (cycling or walking), especially in the sun, is especially important. Gardening is another one.

I know sleep is important and regular sleep patterns is one thing I need to work on.

My food has improved lately, I eat more whole, proten-rich foods now as well as probiotics.

I don't have family here, but I do have friends. I could see them more often though.

I don't smoke and haven't consumed any alcohol in 6.5 years.

Plant medicine (ayahuasca in particular) has been helpful, as has been playing guitar which to me are two sides of the same coin.
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I could be healthier diet wise , but I don't smoke or drink a lot

I exercise some

As far as staying happy , I watch a lot of funny movies and shows . If it's dark or deprave I try to avoid it and people like it and sarcastic , shallow , edgy people .

People who laugh , tell jokes , are generally focused on others and care I try to surround myself with .

I take time to think

I work but also work on things that I feel create positive change and are healthy for the environment , this is vey satisfying for me. To think and act towards preserving nature .either passively or being aware . Still , I have a carbon footprint , but who's perfect ?

I try to make the people i care about happy .

But mainly I look out for and search out happy situations , and try to not be to hard on myself as I'm human and prone to error but also try to graduate to higher healthy social esteems eg being a giving person while not being taken advantage of . Trying to study to be a doctor or gene therapist , and not so much for ego , but for healing others , to help

These things make me happy

Oh and sleeping in late as much as possible and coffee or tea outdoors first thing . Loving people who care to accept my love and return it especially . Comfort , After earning it .

Comedy , comedy , comedy as well . And beauty . I'm sure there are other thing s but these are the routine s and plant anti depressant s , aya vine , harmala s , tyrosine , tryptophan , salvia sometimes , and gardening like a lot of folks here , prob has a lot to do with light therapy

Oh and I micro dose a shit ton , about 20 mic every week to every other week at least sometimes for a few days on end and most of the time on two days straight . mushroom low dose I guess you would call it introspective therapy work every month or so going over things I can't see in my blind spots and things I need to address or tune to but I don't know if this makes me happy as much as keeping me aware of myself so I don't get in poor habits that would cause typical pain and suffering so I think in a way it helps address what not to do that would certainly bring unhappiness. Keeps me focused Wink
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Raw plant/fruit based diet
Music (playing/listening/events)
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