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#1 Posted : 8/15/2019 5:40:44 PM

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I had pain in my legs (DOMS) and carry a lil internal stress on me, but I felt really good, learning about who I am. Got home from work and tried a first dose of Ketamine. I never had snorted anything so I took a 20mg snort to learn. Mmm. I could almost feel it. Smoked weed, drank some cannabis coffee, and took25mg using the other nostril. This felt prettyyyy good after 5 min. Slight visuals, the desire to lay down, the feeling summed up as Meh, like you just dont care bout nothing, just staring at blank space is interesting. Blurred eyesight. It has a definite essence to it. At the peak body posture changed, back straight and chest out, feeling of confidence, great desire to dance, fluid dancing, music is enhanced. It felt really good. Its pretty amazing.

I experienced the dripping in the back of the throat. It had good taste. I chased down the drips with cannabis coffee cause I couldnt spit it out (its too in back of the throat.)

Lasted about an hour and a half, but its still going. I can see why its a cure for depression as the science points, because the afterglow is very reflective. I saw myself just a tad bit more objectivley. The sense of wellbeing carries through. I have no desire to use it again as of now, it felt intense enough. Being my first anaesthetic I have to get used to the slight air flow constriction.
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Interesting. Your experience seems to be a polar opposite of my experiences with K. For one, I've never felt the urge to mix K with anything else. I've had visuals only on very high doses, and most times I've been on K I've never wanted to walk around or do stuff standing up - it just makes me shaky and unstable.

One thing I dislike about K is how much it distorts all sound and thus makes music often times unbearable. I've tried playing some of my favorite music while tripping on it, and every time I've had to get up and stop it because I literally can't recognize the songs I'm listening - it warps the sound THAT much for me.

Also I would describe the chem drip as anything but pleasant or good-tasting Big grin K for me has been an amazing substance, and one of my most phenomenal experiences (and maybe my single entity contact) was deep into the K-hole on my next-to-last experience.

However K has kicked my ass too when once I took it with no proper intent or respect...I did it just because I had nothing better to do. It was probably the scariest 2.5 hrs I've ever had in my life. I came out of it crying and thanking the Universe for letting me survive this ordeal.

I swore that I would never disrespect this substance, ever. The lads that have more experience with it don't call it "regretamine" for no reason.

Cheers! Thumbs up
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K is a VERY interesting chem. for sure honestly I have had polar opposite highs from it Sometimes I just fell into that "k hole" and other times it did kinda make me want to get up and do stuff and it wasn't related to dose oddly enough I had these experiences on both small and large doses even from the same batch...

my most memorable experience is kinda funny tho...I was at a friends with my girl my best friends girl and a few other people totally sober and bored to shit! so my best friend comes back to the house and without telling me he went to the kid that owned the house and asked him "can you get everyone else (besides me) out of the house for a bit so this kid made up some story that he needed help shopping or some shit I don't even remember now this was 20 years ago everyone left but me and him...He pulls out a jar he already cooked to crystal and says "remember I had no money on your birthday well I am making up for it now!" I was estatic! I don't know how many mgs it was but it was equaly to a jar and a half of liq. we split it in half and each did 2 lines back to back whole thing gone in matter of seconds. the beginning I don't even remember must have droped deep into the hole. I came to kinda half on the couch half off.....

it was incredibly hot I stumbled to the freezer grabed some ice pops as we layed on the floor staring at the ceiling and just kinda reminiscing (he had just moved back home after being away for 8 months) It was middle of summer and no AC in the house I was so hot (never had this feeling on any other k experience) I ended up laying in my boxers flat on the floor him a few feet away in the same state. and we both were trying to eat this ice pop VERY UN SUCCESFULLY! we both ended up with it all over us. The house we were in was a P.O.S. the living room litterly had a hole in the floor that went right through the basement....he stumbled to get up and one leg fell into the hole! and I get up to try and help him out and broke out laughing histericly I was laughing so hard I couldnt even help him so he is yelling at me "what is so funny help me!" I said "We both fell into a K hole and now you litterly FELL INTO A HOLE!" I sware it was the funniest thing I have ever experienced on this chemical!! it took me a few mins to get my self togather and by then he was hysterical too! finally I get up and start helping him to get out of it right as everyone is walking back in! So from their view they left for a bit came back to me and him both in our boxers with icepop all over us laughing like crazy as I am trying to get him out of this "LITERAL K HOLe"....

IT is 1 of my best memories with this substance we had many many good times BUT this was my last experience with him and with anything other than opiates the next couple days we went back to doing our thing (mine was heroin his liked pills) and about a week and a half later he ended up overdosing on morphine and died ALL ALONE! and the worst part is i was litterly right down the street from the house he overdosed in i wish i would have been with him! even if i couldnt do anything i just wish he wasn't alone!! So i lost a very good friend to a horrible addiction but looking back on the times we had like this one makes me teary yes but makes me smile at least i got to have the time with him that i did and WE ALWAYS HAD FUN!!
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