Iam new but the police send me a letter Options
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If they didn't raid your house, they probably don't have anything substantial against you. If I get this right, it is a subpoena, and not a lawsuit. Correct? This means, they want you to come in and question you. Then they will try and get you to admit that you did something illegal, because they can't prove it.

If you show up there and tell them you did an extraction, you will have delivered the evidence against yourself - yourself!!!. You have the right to remain silent!

Get. A. Layer. Right now! BEFORE you go to the police! This is ultra important. If you do this, then it is very likely that that the whole thing will end up without consequences.

But if you go there alone and unprepared and start talking, you'll get yourself in trouble. It'll cost a few hundred bucks to get a lawyer, but it is well-invested money. If you don't know anyone, you can go to a headshop nearby and ask them. They should know who is to be recommended.

This should not have too many consequences for you. IF YOU GET THAT LAWYER NOW.

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IT always suprises me (maybe just cause I aint stupid) how often people do the job FOR the police! They are lazy! think about they want you to rat on people cause it makes their job easier! Now in ny state "red light cameras" are everywhere! People go and basicly tell on them selves ALL THE TIME! I have a couple cops that are like family and even they tell me MOST of the work that is done to put people in jail is done BY THOSE PEOPLE OR THIER "friends"....seems crazy to me how people actually belive it when they say something like "oh just tell us the truth and we will let you go" or "tell us what really happened and we will talk to the D.A. and say you coroperated and we will go easy on you" 1 experience comes to mind I was in the back of a van after getting caught by narc. officers in NYC they keep ya in the van till they get it full then bring ya back to the kid got caught with stuff in his pocket coming out of a building they said to him "call your guy tell him to bring out more and we will let you go" I watched this kid get on the phone his guy came out side and cuffs went on him NOT only did they not let the initial kid go but they put him in the same cell as the guy that he ratted out! lets say it wasn't good for him...the cop actually said to a few of us " at least I can respect you guys that didn't rat on your friends this kid that did rat is a scum bag and deserves what he gets" this is just 1 example of how they will twist things just to get YOU to do the work for them! I really hope the O.P. smartened up and got a lawyer and didn't do their job for them!
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I hope so, too.
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Is there any news on the topic?
I am in exaclty the same situation here. Same country. How did this end up for you?

Thanks in advance.
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No. they have access to your bank account information and look the payment. then they look at the shop and what they sell.
They aren't hackers. they wont crack your nexus password like that.

In my view, the most probable reason for such letter is that they opened (or x-rayed) your package in transit - maybe because they are monitoring the distributor you purchased from. Unless they are already monitoring you for some reason, on what grounds would they access your bank details?

Indeed it is not very likely that they hacked you. But it is far from impossible.

Germany has had a state trojan for years (2011 detailed CCC talk (2h, german), google 'Staatstrojaner' / 'Bundestrojaner' ), as have many other european countries. It can most probably be installed on your device remotely.
IF they trojanized you, they don't need to crack anything. They just wait until you type it in.

Similarly to the USA, getting permission to use these things on a citizen isn't as hard as it should be, and these decisions are kept secret. At least the ones for national security. (May be applicable because drugs -> org. crime / terrorism financing. Typically 3 relational hops means if your supplier dealt with someone who communicated with someone who, say, is known Antifa, you may be eligible.) More recently, the BKA can now use the trojan for some purely criminal investigations.

If you feel that you probably are a victim of the state trojan, stop by your local CCC (Chaos Computer Club eV) group for a visit, bring the computer and the letter with you. They might be able to tell whether your suspicion is correct and if so, provide a lawyer. They might be able to remove it. It might even be a new version that they haven't seen before, then they'll be grateful for the chance to analyze it.
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It doesn't hurt to have the computer checked, but Occam's Razor disagrees with the trojan hypothesis.

There are Dutch smartshops offering all kinds of plant matter containing DMT. DMT is now "big", every psychedelic festival is thick with the indole smell of changa. We might not like it, but it's happened: DMT is mainstream, it's a street drug now like weed or speed or MDMA.

So... there are all these smartshops inside the single market that sell DMT raw materials, and let's face it, most people who buy there are extracting to sell. There were DMT lab busts, and the sources were identified. Now there are probably people in the German, French, Polish, etc. police forces whose job is to keep tabs on these companies. What address(es) does Smartshop X usually send from, how can their packages be identified, etc. Years back nobody cared about Mimosa Hostilis, now it's probably the hottest item on police watchlists. So suspected smartshop packages are X-rayed, and MHRB importers are subpoenaed, and probably there have been further DMT lab busts from this.

I heard personally of a similar case not long ago, also Europe. So... I don't think it's smart to order MHRB anymore. What we feared, what was the underlying cause of a lot of the rules on this forum, has happened. We're no longer a fringe they are letting swim, we're prime prey. We need phalaris, because MHRB is going away for good.


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Also curious about an update.

Did you order the plants in Germany or international?

Are the plans legal in Germany?

Of course extracts are illegal, but is boiling out plants into (aya) brew (with DMT inside) also illegal in countries where plans are legal?
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I heard that also common aya plants could be (are) risky, so many people from Germany stopped to order stuff via web due to these issues.
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Depends on the legal framework in Germany the best thing would be to admit absolutely nothing.

Every question apart from your name/address answer with "no comment".

The only purpose of this interview is to incriminate you.

They can't incriminate you if you don't give them anything.

Even if you're completely innocent - answer the same way:

No comment. No comment. No comment. No comment. No comment.
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