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#1 Posted : 8/6/2019 6:35:17 PM
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Hi fam!

I'm having trouble breaking through. I have been using a GVG with a round ceramic pad and torch. Tried anywhere from 20-60mg still pretty much no visuals, definitely not entering "hyperspace". Just body load and a mental "shift" of new/oneness which is nice. I will mention that I am currently taking an MAOI, Nardil @ 60mg / day. Spice is N,N dmt.

I don't know if I'm hitting the GVG incorrectly or what. The instructions say not to touch the flame to the ceramic pad at the top, so when it begins to turn red I move the torch flame away. The vapor is pretty thick, and I usually only take one hit because when I go for the second very little vapor is produced and it appears as it has already all been vaped.

Any suggestions here?


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This question comes up fairly often. Check out the links below.

Happy travels!
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Thank you!
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I too am a GVG fella...

So, here's my method:

First, I stack 6 screens down in the bowl (below the ceramic top)

Second, I place a bed of CBD flower on there (I just don't want to clean the damn thing really)

Third, I place my crystal on top of the bed of flower

Fourth, the ceramic top goes on

THEN, it's time to torch it

I, personally, torch the side of the top -- not hitting the ceramic INSIDE the top, but just touching the side of the top with the flame (if this doesn't make sense, I could try drawing it out)

I find that this allows the heat to vape the DMT but definitely doesn't burn it.

Also, my hits are slow and long, so I'm not racing to vape as much as possible -- patience, for me, is key.

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#5 Posted : 8/14/2019 6:10:46 PM

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I only smoked DMT 3 times and broke through easily on the third attempt using The Machine. It could be any easier and is basically free. You need somebody to help you get three good tokes down though.
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