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#1 Posted : 8/13/2019 3:02:36 AM

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Hello wonderful forum members,

I wanted to share the current state of my acacia acuminata. I am wondering what to do when winter comes ... is it perhaps large enough to harvest and prune back before bringing it inside?

Thanks y'all.
Strigiform attached the following image(s):
IMG_0537.JPG (5,214kb) downloaded 98 time(s).

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For me the image is not showing. The upload might gone wrong?

All my acuminata trials were no real success. No plants got bigger than 20cm.
#3 Posted : 8/18/2019 11:34:52 AM

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Apparantly accuminata and a lot of other acacias do not like being potted very much, they have a long tap root because of their native habitat (have to dig deep for water). Perhaps go for a larger pot size. What kind of zone are you in? How cold is the winter? They'll do ok in anything up to 0c, their native soil is quite rich in clay, not sure what your soil is like? is it sandy?
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