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vetiarvind wrote:
Thanks for sharing! You are really lucky to be able to see this chrysanthemum. Does one have to close his eyes to see it?
Every time I break through on spice, I am pretty much shot out of this reality, and my visual perception stems from my crown chakra/ mind(not really sure which). Have to somehow remember to look at the back of the eyelids.

And I do hope your friend does not sell spice to random people.(for reasons mentioned across this forum)
Much Regards! my fact my first breakthrough I was opening and closing my eyes trough the whole trip because I was amazed at those open/closed eye visuals.
I opened my eyes at one point and saw the Chrysanthemum crystal clear right in front of my opened eyes as I would see the sun in my 3 dimensional world.....but it does help to close you eyes to get in different places in the dome of dmt

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