Scientists can now manipulate brain cells using smartphone Options
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They implanted animal brains with a device that can use light and drugs to manipulate the brain. The device is controlled with a smartphone app.

Paper is attached. Press release is here.

Any thoughts on this?

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Great stuff, but what's the light delivery for?
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Not good in my opinion, Aldous Huxley warned of this very thing...
The entire recording is absolutely profound, but the particularly relevant part is about 35 minutes in, pay attention to what is said about the chickens at 37:37, shockingly prophetic considering this discussion was recorded in 1962.
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Well smartphones are basically normal computers so they just did it for the remote feeling.

Also you guys overestimate the amount of control this can exihibt and i also doubt it will be implemented in humans in the next centuries.
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This topic is wide open for conspiracy theories.... Twisted Evil
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