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I have been struggling for a while now to find a diet that fuels me and makes me feel like im thriving, i was vegan/plant-based for 7 years (with supplements, the whole shmagoggle) but my digestive system took a massive blow, now i am eating a fairly balanced diet with some animal products, feel a lot better physically and mentally but still not feeling optimal... im genetics are nordic, eating more of a primal diet and it feels good but im just curious what other peoples idea of optimal or ideal diet looks like? what do you avoid? what cant you do without? Smile
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I remember dr Rhonda Patrick talking about how they measured insulin levels for whole days for a lot of people and gave them different dishes,

some people experienced high insulin for longer periods for carbs, some for even high fat diets

basic thing i tihnk we know is processed stuff is bad, fiber is not so bad (?)

As far as i can see check out what works best for you.

For me, cooked than cooled potatoes with home made milk kefir is splendid for instance Smile
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At one point I did a bunch of research to try and figure out if it was possible to meet the full recommended daily allowance of all 24 essential vitamins and minerals and 9 essential amino acids via diet alone without any supplementation. In theory, on paper, it is possible; but personally, I still take supplements.

My take away was to make the most nutrient dense foods the staples of my diet for the essentials and then to experiment with as many new (whole unprocessed) foods as possible for the greatest possible diversity in micronutrients, polyphenols, probiotics, prebiotics, isothiocyanates, alkaloids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc etc etc which we are only just now beginning to understand the importance of.

Hands down the 3 most nutrient dense foods with the widest array of vitamins and minerals are dark leafy greens, fish, and organ meats. Those three alone will provide almost all the essentials, but not quite. Seaweed, shellfish, nuts, and seeds will help to round out those often overlooked nutrients like iodine, manganese, iron, and selenium. Closely following the big 3 are soybeans, mushrooms, and legumes for the veggie folks, and pasture raised meat, dairy, and eggs for the non-veg folks. While some may not accept it, my research has led me conclude 100% plant based diet requires supplementation of B-12, D3, and DHA to meet RDA levels. Really, for optimal function, everyone should be supplementing these three regardless of their chosen diet. Lastly, of course, we all know you need to eat your fruit and veggies. Throw in a good daily multivitamin and you've got a more or less nutritionally adequate diet.

I think organ meats are gross and i'm not a very big fan of meat and dairy in general, so I don't strictly adhere to eating only what is most nutritious. Fortunately, there are variety of sources for most every nutrient so it's easy enough to adapt to your own preferences so that you can enjoy what you eat and still maintain adequate nutrition.

Here are some random notes from my research:

Hope it helps. Smile

P.S. - Don't forget the Mangoes!
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I eat a bowl of Cookie Bites (maltomeal cookie crisp) followed by a bowl of Tillamook oregon hazelnut and salted caramel icecream. I do this five or six times a day. In between I smoke dabs.
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Avoid processed foods and continue exploring healthy foods like dark greeny vegetable leaves (im talking spinach). Try eating fresh food, avoid carbs.
Society is making us fat, all this propaganda that is almost forcing us to eat large amount of carbs and sugars when maybe its not healthy (at least for you office workers).

It really depend on your life style, i think best thing to do is eat healthy and all nutrients. But its already reaaaly good to avoid the bad nutrients that will bring you down (talking about sugar again).

So yea, when i was active my sugary diet was justified. But when i started doing office jobs i gained alot of weight and will have to continue to stop eating sugars at all.
Ofcourse i miss the taste and the high.

But i rather have a sober mind and able to think clear at all times than being addicted to SUGAR.
I think i made my point Smile
Have a nice day.
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