Combine microdose iboga with peyote? Options
#1 Posted : 7/13/2019 5:16:16 PM

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I microdosed some iboga rootbark this morning (I think it was about 50mg). Would I be okay to drink some peyote tea this evening? I would normally wait, but there's a little ceremony happening tonight nearby. I found out there'd be Peyote tea after I had ingested the Iboga. Yaarg.
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#2 Posted : 7/16/2019 12:02:17 AM

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Ai, i am probably responding too late, but i don't think it would be such a good idea.

One of the reasons iboga is so effective against opiate and other drug addictions, is that it takes the euphoria out of most of the drugs. I've experienced this with shrooms. It became almost a boring experience. Lacking ooomph, so to say. Maybe mescaline is different though.

There may also be some negative interactions, but probably not life-threatening with such small amounts of rootbark.
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