DMT Nexus is a place for the discussion, research and exploration of one of the most, if not the most mystical and profound entheogens of the 21 st century:


It goes by many names, direct mystical transmission, dream multiverse transport, divine magical tranciever. Whatever you want to call it, DMT is the thing that opens you the impossible question, the indescribable revelation and the divine mystery of existence.

Many a brilliant mind from Terrence Mckenna to Tim Leary and others have tried to convey the fact that right here, right now, behind every billowing curtain, under every sleeping eyelid and through all of existence there flows an incredible active intelligence of awe inspiring wonder, sacredness and affection for humanity and all sentient beings.

DMT is a mystery wrapped within an enigma, a mandalic gateway to the innermost depths of existence and one’s soul, a hyperdimensional rollercoaster ride into the realm of the imagination, the liquid palace where dreams are made and unmade, the 13 th dimensional candy store at end of time where the weavers of god’s tapestry sing, dance and play.

DMT is all of these things and yet none of them for words are like pale reflections of the transcendental diamond doorway which stands before and within, beckoning and calling softly in dreams and the imagination.

This chemical of revelation is what religions all point towards, it’s what all beautiful art tries to convey, what all of the greatest symphonies try to make you feel. DMT is your personal doorway, your connection to a filament of the divine, to the God/Goddess that lives within you and I and everyone.

DMT is the key, the doorway is our soul, care to enter?






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