!I have a comment


  **//it means wink wink, nudge nudge

  ,!!!!Talk to the hand

  02Your (or my) two cents worth, also seen as m.02

  10QThank you

  1174Nude club

  121One to one

  1337Elite -or- leet -or- L337

  14it refers to the fourteen words

  143I love you

  1432I Love You Too

  14AA41One for All and All for One

  182I hate you

  187it means murder/ homicide

  190 hand

  1dafulit means wonderful

  2it means to, too, two


  24/7Twenty Four Seven, as in all the time

  2bTo be

  2B or not 2BTo Be Or Not To Be

  2b@To Be At

  2BZ4UQTToo Busy For You Cutey

  2B~not2BTo be or not to be

  2d4To die for


  2DLooToodle oo

  2G2B4GToo Good To Be Forgotten

  2G2BTToo Good To Be True



  2QTToo Cute

  2U2To You Too


  4For, Four

  404I haven't a clue



  459I love you

  4COLFor Crying Out Loud


  4EAEForEver And Ever




  4QF*** You

  511Too much information


  5FS5 Finger Salute

  747Let's Fly

  8it means ate, it also refers to oral sex

  831I Love You

  86Out of, over, to get rid of, or kicked out

  88Hugs and kisses

  8tit means it

  9Parent is watching

  99Parent is no longer watching

  ::poof::I'm gone

  <3it's a heart

  ?I have a question

  ?^Hook up?

  @it means at

  @+French equivalent of CUL8R

  @TEOTDAt The End Of The Day

  A/NAuthor's Note


  A2DAgree to Disagree

  A3Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

  AAAAAAmerican Association Against Acronym Abuse

  AAFAs A Friend -or- Always And Forever

  AAKAsleep At Keyboard

  AAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact

  AAMOIAs A Matter Of Interest

  AARAt Any Rate

  AAR8At Any Rate

  AASAlive And Smiling

  AATKAlways At The Keyboard

  AAYFAs Always, Your Friend

  ABAss Backwards -or- Ah Bless


  ABCAlways Be Creating -or- Collaborating -or- Communicating

  ABITHIWTITBA Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

  ABKAlways Be Knolling

  ABT2About To

  ACDAlt Control Delete

  ACEAccess Control Entry


  ACORNA Completely Obsessive Really Nutty person

  ADADAnother Day Another Dollar

  ADBBAll Done Bye Bye



  ADIDASAll Day I Dream About Sex

  ADIHAnother Day In Hell

  ADIPAnother Day In Paradise

  ADMAye Dios Mio

  ADNAdvanced Digital Network -or- Any Day Now



  AEAPAs Early As Possible

  AFAGAYA Friend As Good As You

  AFAHMASPA Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

  AFAICAs Far As I'm Concerned

  AFAICSAs Far As I Can See

  AFAICTAs Far As I Can Tell

  AFAIKAs Far As I Know

  AFAIRAs Far As I Remember

  AFAIUAs Far As I Understand

  AFAIUIAs Far As I Understand It

  AFAPAs Far As Possible

  AFAYCAs Far As You're Concerned

  AFCAway From Computer

  AFDNAny F***ing Day Now

  AFGOAnother F***ing Growth Opportunity

  AFIAAAs Far As I Am Aware

  AFINIAFIA Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

  AFJApril Fools Joke

  AFKAway From Keyboard -or- A Free Kill

  AFPOEA Fresh Pair Of Eyes

  AFTAbout F***ing Time

  AFUAll F***ed Up

  AFWAway From Window

  AFZAcronym Free Zone

  AGBAlmost Good Bridge

  AGKWEAnd God Knows What Else

  AIArtificial Intelligence -or- As If

  AIAMUAnd I'm A Monkey's Uncle

  aightall right

  AIHAs It Happens

  AIMBAs I Mentioned Before

  AIMPAlways In My Prayers

  AISBAs I Said Before

  AISEAs I Said Earlier

  AISIAs I See It

  AITRAdult In The Room

  AKA or a.k.a.Also Known As

  ALAPAs Late As Possible

  alconAll Concerned

  ALOLActually Laughing Out Loud

  ALOTBSOLAlways Look On The Bright Side Of Life

  ALTGAct Locally, Think Globally

  ALWAin't Life Wonderful

  AMAAsk Me Anything

  AMAPAs Many As Possible -or- As Much As Possible

  AMBWAll My Best Wishes

  AMFAdios Mother F***er

  AMLAll My Love

  AMRMTYFTSAll My Roommates Thank You For The Show

  ANFAWFOSAnd Now For A Word From Our Sponsor

  ANFSCDAnd Now For Something Completely Different

  ANGBAlmost Nearly Good Bridge

  AOASAll Of A Sudden

  AOBAbuse Of Bandwidth

  AONApropos Of Nothing

  AORAgency On Record -or- Album-Oriented Rock

  AOYPAngel On Your Pillow

  APApple Pie


  ARAction Required

  ASApe Sh** -or- Another Subject

  ASAFPAs Soon As F***ing Possible

  ASAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact

  ASAPAs Soon As Possible

  ASAYGTAs Soon As You Get This



  ATABAin't That A Bitch

  ATCAny Two Cards

  ATMAt The Moment, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Automated Teller Machine

  ATSLAlong The Same Line

  ATSTAt The Same Time

  ATWAll The Web, Around The Web, All The Way, At The Weekend

  ATWDAgree That We Disagree

  AUNTAnd U Know This

  AUNTMAnd U Know This Man

  AWCAfter While, Crocodile

  AWGTHTGTTAAre We Going To Have To Go Through This Again

  AWHFYAre We Having Fun Yet?

  AWLTPAvoiding Work Like The Plague

  AWNIACAll We Need Is Another Chair

  AWOLAbsent Without Leave

  AWTTWA Word To The Wise

  axit means across

  AYCAren't You Clever -or- Aren't You Cheeky

  AYCEAll You Can Eat

  AYFKMWTSAre You F***ing Kidding Me With This Sh**

  AYKAs You Know

  AYMMAre You My Mother

  AYORAt Your Own Risk

  AYSOSAre You Stupid Or Something

  AYTMTBAnd You're Telling Me This Because

  AYVAre You Vertical?


  B&EBreaking & Entering

  B&FBack and Forth











  B4NBye For Now

  B4UBefore You

  B4YKIBefore You Know It

  B@U or BAK@UBack at You

  BABYBeing Annoyed By You

  BACBad Ass Chick

  BAGBusting A Gut -or- Big Ass Grin

  BAKBack At Keyboard

  BAMFBad Ass Mother F***er

  bananait means penis

  BARBBuy Abroad but Rent in Britain

  BAUBusiness As Usual

  BBBe Back -or- Buzzard Breath -or- Blessed Be

  BB4NBye Bye for Now

  BBAMFICBig Bad Ass Mother F***er In Charge

  BBBBye Bye Babe -or- Boring Beyond Belief

  BBBGBye Bye Be Good

  BBFBBMBody By Fisher, Brains By Mattel

  BBFNBye Bye for Now

  BBIABBe Back In A Bit

  BBIAFBe Back In A Few

  BBIASBe Back In A Sec

  BBIAWBe Back In A While

  BBLBe Back Later

  BBMFICBig Bad Mother F***er In Charge

  BBQBar-B-Que -or- Barbeque

  BBRBurnt Beyond Repair

  BBSBe Back Soon -or Bulletin Board Service

  BBSDBe Back Soon Darling

  BBSLBe Back Sooner or Later

  BBTBe Back Tomorrow

  BBWBig Beautiful Woman -or- Big Black Woman


  BCBGBon Chic Bon Genre -or- Belle Cul Belle Geulle

  BCBSBig Company, Big School

  BCNUBe Seeing You


  BDBig Deal -or- Baby Dance -or- Brain Drain

  BDBI5MBusy Daydreaming Back In 5 Minutes

  BDCBig Dumb Company -or- Big Dot Com

  BDNBig Damn Number

  BDOABrain Dead On Arrival

  BDSMBondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism

  BEGBig Evil Grin


  BFBoyfriend -or- Best Friend

  BFDBig F***ing Deal -or- Big F***ing Disaster

  BFEBum F*** Egypt

  BFFBest Friends Forever -or- Best Friend's Funeral

  BFFNBest Friends For Now

  BFFTTEBest Friends Forever Til The End

  BFGBig F***ing Gun

  BFNBye For Now

  BFRBig F***ing Rock

  BGBe Good

  BGFBest GirlFriend

  BHAGBig Hairy Audacious Goal

  BHGBig Hearted Guy -or- Big Hearted Girl

  BHIMBGOBloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old

  BHOFBald Headed Old Fart

  BIBusiness Intelligence

  BI5Back In Five

  BIBIBye Bye

  BIBOBeer In, Beer Out

  BIFBasis In Fact -or- Before I Forget

  BILBrother-In-Law -or- Boss Is Listening

  BIOBring It On

  BIOIYABreak It Off In Your Ass

  BIONBelieve It Or Not

  BIOYABlow It Out Your Ass

  BIOYEBlow It Out Your Ear

  BIOYIOPBlow It Out Your I/O Port

  BIOYNBlow it Out Your Nose

  BITCHBasically In The Clear Homey

  BITDBack In The Day

  BITFOBBring It The F*** On, Bitch

  BJBlow Job

  BKABetter Known As

  BLBelly Laughing

  BLBBLBBack Like Bull, Brain Like Bird


  BLZRDit means blizzard

  BMByte Me

  BMFBad Mother F***er

  BMGWLBusting My Gut With Laughter

  BMOCBig Man On Campus

  BMOFBite Me Old Fart

  BMOTAByte Me On The Ass

  BMSBaby Making Sex

  BMWB*tch, Moan, Whine

  BNBeen -or- Being

  BNDNBeen Nowhere Done Nothing

  BNFBig Name Fan

  BOBug Off -or- Body Odor

  BOAISYBend Over And I'll Show You

  BOBBattery Operated Boyfriend

  BOBFOCBody Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch

  BOCTAAEBut Of Course There Are Always Exceptions

  BODBenefit of the Doubt -or- Board Of Directors

  BOFHBastard Operator From Hell

  BOHICABend Over Here It Comes Again

  BONBelieve it Or Not

  bookit means cool

  BOTECBack Of The Envelope Calculation

  BOTLBra On The Loose

  BOTOHBut On The Other Hand

  BPLMBig Person Little Mind


  BRBBe Right Back

  BRICBrazil, Russia, India, China

  BRLBelly Roll Laughs

  BROBe Right Over

  BRTBe Right There

  BRUFBig Requirements Up Front

  BSBig Smile -or- Bull Sh** -or- Brain Strain

  BSAAWBig Smile And A Wink

  BSBD&NEBook Smart, Brain Dead & No Experience

  BSEGBig Sh** Eating Grin

  BSFBut Seriously, Folks

  BSODBlue Screen of Death

  BTByte This

  BTABut Then Again -or- Before The Attacks

  BTDBored To Death

  BTDTBeen There Done That

  BTDTGTSBeen There, Done That, Got The T-shirt

  BTFLDYit means beautiful day

  BTFOBack The F*** Off -or- Bend The F*** Over

  BTHOOMBeats The Heck Out Of Me

  BTNBetter Than Nothing

  BTOIYABe There Or It's Your Ass


  BTSOOMBeats The Sh** Out Of Me

  BTTTBack To The Top -or- Bump To The Top

  BTWBy The Way -or- Bring The Wheelchair

  BTWBOBe There With Bells On

  BTWITIAILWUBy The Way I Think I Am In Love With You

  BTYCBetter Than You Can

  BTYDBetter Than You Do

  BUFFBig Ugly Fat F***


  bumpBring Up My Post

  BWBest Wishes

  BWDIKBut What Do I Know

  BWIBut What If

  BWLBursting With Laughter

  BWOBlack, White or Other

  BWTMBut Wait, There's More

  BYAMBetween You And Me

  BYKIBefore You Know It

  BYKTBut You Knew That

  BYOABring Your Own Advil

  BYOBBring Your Own Bottle -or- Bring Your Own Beer

  BYODBring Your Own Device

  BYOWBuild Your Own Website -or- Bring Your Own Wine

  BYTMEBetter You Than ME


  Cit means see, it's also a programming language

  c yasee ya

  c%dit means could

  c%lit means cool

  C&GChuckle and Grin



  C/PCross Post

  C/SChange of Subject

  C4NCiao For Now

  CAACCool As A Cucumber

  CASCrack A Smile

  CBChat Brat -or- Coffee Break -or Call Back

  CBBCan't Be Bothered

  CBFCan't Be F***ed

  CBJCovered Blow Job

  CBMCovered By Medicare

  cccarbon copy

  CD9Code 9 - it means parents are around

  CFCoffee Freak -or- Cluster F***

  CFVCall For Vote

  CHAClick Here Asshole

  chillaxinit means chilling and relaxing

  chlnit means chilling

  CIAOGoodbye (in Italian)

  CICOCoffee In, Coffee Out

  CICYHWCan I Copy Your Home Work

  CIDConsider It Done -or- Crying In Disgrace

  CILCheck In Later

  CINBAClad In Naught But Air

  CIOCheck It Out -or- Chief Information Officer / Chief Internet Officer

  CLDit means cold

  CLMCareer Limiting Move

  CMCall Me

  CMAOChortling My Ass Off

  CMAPCover My Ass Partner

  CMBCall Me Back

  CMFCount My Fingers

  CMIWCorrect Me if I'm Wrong

  CMUCrack Me Up


  CNPContinued in Next Post

  COBClose Of Business

  COBRASCome On By Right After School

  CODChange Of Dressing

  Cof$Church of Scientology

  CofSChurch of Scientology

  COLChuckle Out Loud -or- Chortling Out Loud

  cooshort for cool

  COSChange Of Subject -or- it means because

  COTCircle Of Trust

  CPGConsumer Packaged Goods


  CRAFTCan't Remember A F***ing Thing

  CRAPCheap Redundant Assorted Products

  CRATCan't Remember A Thing

  CRAWSCan't Remember Anything Worth A Sh**

  CRBCome Right Back

  CRBTCrying Real Big Tears

  CRDCaucasian Rhythm Disorder -or- Deficiency

  CRDTCHCKCredit Check

  CRSCan't Remember Sh**

  CRTLACan't Remember the Three-Letter Acronym

  CSCareer Suicide

  CS&FCute Sexy & Funny

  CSACool Sweet Awesome

  CSABRContinued Success And Best Regards

  CSLCan't Stop Laughing

  CSNChuckle, Snicker, Grin

  CTCan't Talk -or- Can't Text

  CTACall To Action

  CTCCare To Chat -or- Contact -or- Choking The Chicken

  CTFDCalm The F*** Down

  CTFOCome The F*** On

  CTFUCracking The F*** Up

  CTMQChuckle To Myself Quietly

  CTOCheck This Out

  CUSee You -or- Cracking Up

  CU46See You For Sex

  CUATSCSee You At The Senior Center

  CUATUSee You Around The Universe

  CULSee You Later

  CUL8RSee You Later

  CULASee You Later Alligator

  CUNSSee You In School

  CUNTSee You Next Time -or- Can't Understand Newest Text

  CUOLSee You OnLine


  CUWTACatch Up With The Acronyms


  CWOTComplete Waste Of Time

  CWYLChat With You Later


  CxOChief insert title here Officer

  CYCalm Yourself

  CYACover Your Ass -or- See Ya

  CYECheck your Email

  CYLSee You Later

  CYMCheck Your Mail

  CYOSee You Online

  CYOHCreate Your Own Happening

  CYTSee You Tomorrow

  DDad -or- it means the

  D&MDeep & Meaningful


  d00ddude, also seen as dood

  D2DDeveloper-to-Developer or Day-to-Day



  DAMHIKTDon't Ask Me How I Know That

  DARFCDucking And Running For Cover

  DBADoing Business As

  DBABAIDon't Be A Bitch About It

  DBBSWFDream Boat Body, Shipwreck Face

  DBDDon't Be Dumb

  DBEYRDon't Believe Everything You Read

  DBMIBDon't Bother Me I'm Busy

  DDDue Diligence

  DDASDon't Do Anything Stupid

  DDGDrop Dead Gorgeous

  DDSOSDifferent Day, Same Old Sh**

  DDWIDon't Dick With It


  DEGTDon't Even Go There


  DENIALDon't Even Notice I Am Lying


  DETIDon't Even Think It



  DFDear Friend

  DFIKDarn If I Know

  DFLADisenhanced Four-Letter Acronym (that is, a TLA)

  DFTBADon't Forget To Be Awesome

  DFUDon't F*** Up

  DFWLYDon't Forget Who Loves You

  DGADon't Go Anywhere

  DGAFDon't Give A F***

  DGARADon't Give A Rat's Ass

  DGTDon't Go There

  DGTGDon't Go There Girlfriend

  DGYFDamn Girl You're Fine

  DHDear Husband

  DHYBDon't Hold Your Breath

  DIAFDie In A Fire

  DICDrunk In Charge

  DIFBETit means what's the difference between

  DIKUDo I Know You?

  DILLIGADDo I Look Like I Give A Damn

  DILLIGASDo I Look Like I Give A Sh**

  DINKDouble Incomes, No Kids


  DIRFTDo It Right the First Time

  DISTODid I Say That Outloud?

  DITRDancing In The Rain

  dittosame here

  DITYIDDid I Tell You I'm Distressed

  DIYDo It Yourself

  DJMDon't Judge Me

  DKDon't Know

  DKDCDon't Know Don't Care

  DLDown Low -or- Download -or- Dead Link

  DLTBBBDon't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

  DLTMDon't Lie To Me

  DMDirect Message

  DMIDon't Mention It

  DNBL8Do Not Be Late

  DNCDoes Not Compute

  DNDDo Not Disturb

  DNPMPLDamn Near Pissed My Pants Laughing

  DOADead On Arrival

  DOCDrug Of Choice

  DOEDepends On Experience

  DOEIGoodbye (in Dutch)

  doinit means doing

  DORDDepartment Of Redundancy Department

  DPDomestic Partner

  dpsDamage Per Second

  DPUPDon't Poop Your Pants

  DQMOTDon't Quote Me On This

  DQYDJDon't Quit Your Day Job

  DRBDirty Rat Bastard

  DRCOWOTODon't Really Care One Way Or The Other

  DRIBDon't Read If Busy

  DSTR8Damn Straight

  DTCDeep Throaty Chuckle

  DTFDown To F***

  DTKDown To Kill

  DTRTDo The Right Thing

  DUIDriving Under the Influence

  DUMDo You Masturbate?

  DUNADon't Use No Acronyms

  dunnoi don't know

  DURDo You Remember

  DURSDamn You Are Sexy

  DUSLDo You Scream Loud?

  DUSTDid You See That?

  DWDon't Worry

  DW2HDon't Work Too Hard

  DWBDon't Write Back

  DWBHDon't Worry Be Happy

  DWHDuring Work Hours

  DWIDriving While Intoxicated

  DWPKOTLDeep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips

  DWSDriving While Stupid

  DWWWISurfing the World Wide Web while intoxicated

  DWYMDoes What You Mean

  DYACDamn You Auto Correct

  DYFMDude You Fascinate Me

  DYHABDo You Have A Boyfriend?

  DYHAGDo You Have A Girlfriend

  DYJHIWDon't You Just Hate It When...

  DYLIDo You Love It?

  DYOFDWDo Your Own F***ing Dirty Work

  DYSTSOTTDid You See The Size Of That Thing

  E123Easy as One, Two, Three

  E2HOEach to His/Her Own

  EABOSEat A Bag Of Sh**

  EADDEntrepreneurial Attention Deficit Disorder

  EAKEating at Keyboard

  EAPFSEverything About Pittsburgh F***ing Sucks

  EDErectile Dysfunction

  EEElectronic Emission

  EE or EEsEmployee -or- Employees


  EFTElectronic Funds Transfer

  EGEvil Grin

  EIPEggo Is Preggo

  ELEvil Laugh

  ELOLEvil Laugh Out Loud

  EMExcuse Me

  EMAE-Mail Address

  EMBMEarly Morning Business Meeting

  EMEAEurope, the Middle East, and Africa

  EMFBIExcuse Me For Butting In

  EMFJIExcuse Me For Jumping In

  EMIExcuse My Ignorance

  EMLEmail Me Later

  EMPEat My Pussy

  EMRTWEvil Monkey's Rule The World

  EMSGE-Mail Message

  EODEnd Of Day -or- End Of Discussion

  EOLEnd Of Life

  EOMEnd Of Message

  EOTEnd Of Thread/Text/Transmission

  ESADEat Sh** And Die

  ESADYFAEat Sh** And Die You F***ing Asshole

  ESEMEDEvery Second Every Minute Every Day

  ESFOADEat Sh** F***Off And Die

  ESGEnvironmental, Social, Governance

  ESHExperience, Strength, and Hope

  ESMFEat Sh** Mother F***er

  ESOEquipment Smarter than Operator

  ETAEstimated Time of Arrival -or- Edited To Add

  ETLAETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (that is, an FLA)

  ETXEnd of TeXt


  EVRE1Every One

  EWIE-mailing While Intoxicated



  F2FFace-to-Face, a.k.a. face time

  F2FmailFace-to-Face mail

  F2TFree To Talk

  FABFeatures Attributes Benefits

  FAFFind A Friend

  FAHF***ing A Hot

  FAPF***ing A Pissed

  FAQLFrequently Asked Questions List

  FASBFast Ass Son Bitchii

  FATMFoaming At The Mouth


  FAWCFor Anyone Who Cares

  FAWOMFTFrequently Argued Waste Of My F***ing Time

  FAYF*** All Y'all

  FBF*** Buddy -or- FaceBook

  FBIF***ing Brilliant Idea -or- Female Body Inspector

  FBKSFailure Between Keyboard and Seat

  FBOCDFacebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  FCFSFirst Come, First Served

  FCOLFor Crying Out Loud

  FCSFirst Customer Ship

  FDFFFalling Down F***ing Funny

  FDGBFall Down Go Boom

  FEFatal Error

  FEARForget Everything And Run -or- Face Everything And Recover

  FFFriends Forever

  FF&PNFresh Fields and Pastures New

  FFAFree For All

  FFSFor F*** Sake

  FFTFood For Thought

  FGDAIFuhgedaboudit -or- Forget About It

  FIFF*** I'm Funny

  FIFOFirst In, First Out

  FIGJAMF*** I'm Good Just Ask Me

  FIGMOF*** It Got My Orders

  FIGSFrench, Italian, German, Spanish

  FIIKF*** If I Know


  FILFFather I'd Like to F***

  FILTHFailed In London, Try Hong Kong

  FINEF***ed up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional -or- F*** It Never Ends

  FISHFirst in, Still Here

  FITBFill In The Blanks

  FKMF*** 'Em

  FLAFour Letter Acronym

  FLOTUSFirst Lady Of The United States

  FLUIDF***ing Look it Up, I Did

  FMLF*** My Life

  FMLTWIAF*** Me Like The Whore I Am

  FMTYEWTKFar More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

  FMUTAF*** Me Up The Ass

  FNGF***ing New Guy

  FOF*** Off

  FOADF*** Off And Die

  FOAFFriend Of A Friend

  FOAGF*** Off And Google

  fobthe name for a tool, or form of ID

  FOCFree of Charge

  FOFLFalling on Floor Laughing

  FOGCFear Of Getting Caught

  FOLFond of Leather

  FOMCFell Off My Chair

  FOMCLFalling Off My Chair Laughing

  FOMOFear Of Missing Out

  FOMOFFear Of Missing Out on Football

  FOOTF*** Off Over There -or- go away

  FORDFound On Road Dead, Fixed Or Repaired Daily, F***ed Over Rebuilt Dodge

  FOSFull Of Sh**

  FOUOFor Official Use Only

  FPOFor Placement Only

  FREDF***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device

  FRZNit means freezing

  FSFor Sale

  FSBOFor Sale By Owner

  FSRFor Some Reason

  FSUF*** Sh** Up

  FTASBFaster Than A Speeding Bullet


  FTBOMHFrom The Bottom Of My Heart

  FTCFailure To Communicate

  FTEFull Time Employee

  FTFF*** That's Funny -or- Face To Face

  FTFOIFor The Fun Of It -or- For The F*** Of It

  FTLFaster Than Light

  FTLOGFor The Love Of God

  FTNF*** That Noise

  FTRFor The Record

  FTRFF*** That's Really Funny

  FTTBFor The Time Being

  FTWFor The Win -or- F*** The World

  FU2F*** You Too

  FUBFat Ugly Bastard

  FUBARF***ed Up Beyond All Recognition (or Repair)

  FUBBF***ed Up Beyond Belief

  FUBYOYOF*** You Buddy You're On Your Own

  FUDFear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation

  FUJIMOF*** You Jack I'm Movin' On

  FUMF***ed Up Mess

  FUMFFat Ugly Mother F***er

  FUPAFat Upper Pussy Area

  FURTBFilled Up and Ready To Burst

  FUWF*** You World -or- F*** You Weirdo

  FWBFriends With Benefits


  FWIWFor What It's Worth -or- Forgot Where I Was

  FWOTF***ing Waste Of Time

  FYAFor Your Amusement

  FYCFor Your Consideration

  FYEFor Your Edification

  FYEOFor Your Eyes Only

  FYFFrom Your Friend

  FYIFor Your Information

  FYIFVF*** You I'm Fully Vested

  FYLTGEFrom Your Lips To Gods Ears

  FYMFor Your Misinformation

  FYSBIGTBABNFasten Your Seat Belts It's Going To Be A Bumpy Night

  GGuess -or- Grin -or- Giggle

  G1Good One

  G2GGot to Go

  G2GLYSGot To Go Love Ya So

  G4IGo For It

  G4NGood For Nothing


  g98tgood night

  GAGo Ahead -or- Good Afternoon

  GABGetting A Beer

  GAFLGet A F***ing Life

  GAFYKGet Away From Your Keyboard

  GAGFIGives A Gay First Impression

  GAHOYGet A Hold Of Yourself

  GALGet A Life

  GALGALGive A Little Get A Little

  GALHERGet A Load of Her

  GALHIMGet A Load of Him

  GANBGetting Another Beer

  GAPGot A Pic? -or- Gay Ass People

  GASGot A Second?


  GBGood Bridge

  GBGGreat Big Grin

  GBHGreat Big Hug

  GBTWGet Back To Work

  GCGood Crib

  GD&RGrinning, Ducking and Running

  GD&RFGrinning, Ducking and Running Fast

  GDIGod Damn It -or- God Damn Independent

  GDWGrin, Duck and Wave


  GFFGo F***ing Figure

  GFIGo For It

  GFNGone For Now

  GFONGood For One Night

  GFRGrim File Reaper

  GFTDGone For The Day

  GFYGood For You -or- Go F*** Yourself -or- Go Find Yourself

  GFYMFGo F*** Yourself Mother F***er

  GGGood Game -or- Gotta Go -or- Giggling

  GGAGood Game All

  GGGGGod, God, God, God

  GGNGotta Go Now

  GGOHGotta Get Out of Here

  GGPGotta Go Pee

  GGPBLGotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low

  GGYGo Google Yourself

  GHMGod Help Me

  GIGoogle It

  GICGift In Crib

  GIDKGee I Don't Know

  GIGATTGod Is Good All The Time

  GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out

  GILFGrandmother I'd Like to F***

  GISTGreat Ideas for Starting Things

  GIWISTGee, I Wish I'd Said That

  GJGood Job

  GJPGood Job Partner

  GLGood Luck -or- Get Lost

  GLAGood Luck All

  GLAWDGood Luck And Well Done

  GLBGood Looking Boy

  GLBTGay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender

  GLGGood Looking Girl

  GLGHGood Luck and Good Hunting

  GLYASDIGod Loves You And So Do I

  GMGood Morning -or- Good Move

  GMABGive Me A Break

  GMAFBGive Me A F***ing Break

  GMILYGood Morning I Love You

  GMTAGreat Minds Think Alike

  GMTA ASDOGreat Minds Think Alike, And So Do Ours

  GMTFTGreat Minds Think For Themselves

  GNGood Night

  gn8good night

  GNBLFYGot Nothing But Love For You

  GNOCGet Naked On Cam

  GNSGangNam Style

  GNSDGood Night Sweet Dreams

  GOBGame On B*tcheeez

  GOIGet Over It

  GOKGod Only Knows

  GOLGiggling Out Loud

  GOLFGrateful Of Lovely Family -or- Friends

  GOOD jobGet Out Of Debt job

  GOSGay Or Straight

  GOTDPWYDGet Off The Damn Phone While You're Driving

  GOWIGet On With It

  GOYHHGet Off Your High Horse

  GQMFGentleman's Quarterly Mother F***er

  GR&DGrinning Running & Ducking

  GR2BRGood Riddance To Bad Rubbish


  GRASGenerally Recognized As Safe


  GROBRGood Riddance Of Bad Rubbish

  grrlzgirls, also seen as grrl


  GSCGimme Some Credit

  GSOASGo Sit On A Snake

  GSOHGood Sense Of Humor

  GSWGun Shot Wound

  GSYJDWURMNKHGood Seeing You, Just Don't Wear Your Monkey Hat

  GTGood Try

  GTASCGoing To A Strip Club

  GTFOGet The F*** Out

  GTFOOHGet The F*** Out Of Here

  GTGGot To Go

  GTGBGot To Go Bye

  GTGPGot To Go Pee

  GTHGo To Hell

  GTKGood To Know

  GTLGym, Tan, Laundry

  GTMGiggle To Myself

  GTRMGoing To Read Mail

  GTSGoogle That Sh**

  GTSYGlad To See You

  GUDGeographically UnDesirable

  guvmentgovernment, also seen as guvmint, gumint

  GWIGet With It

  GWOTGlorified Waste Of Time

  GWSGet Well Soon

  GYHOOYAGet Your Head Out Of Your Ass

  GYPOGet Your Pants Off

  H&KHugs and Kisses

  h/oHold On

  h/pHold Please

  H2CUSHope To See You Soon

  H2SHere To Stay

  H4UHot For You

  H4XX0RHacker -or- To Be Hacked

  H9Husband in room

  HADVDHave Advised

  hag1have a good one

  HAGDHave a Great Day

  HAGNHave A Good Night

  HAGOHave A Good One

  hahahait means laughing

  HAKHugs And Kisses

  HANDHave a Nice Day

  HARHit And Run

  HAWTLWHello And Welcome To Last Week

  HAYHow Are You?

  HBHurry Back

  HBASTDHitting Bottom And Starting To Dig

  HBBHip Beyond Belief

  HBIBHot But Inappropriate Boy

  HBICHead Bitch In Charge

  HBOHelping a Brother Out

  HBTUHappy Birthday To You

  HBUHow Bout You?

  HCCHoly Computer Crap


  HDGFSHow Does Get F***ed Sound?

  HFHello Friend -or- Have Fun -or- Have Faith

  HHFOHell Has Frozen Over

  HHHHip Hip Hooray

  HHISHanging Head In Shame

  HHO1/2KHa Ha, Only Half Kidding

  HHOJHa Ha, Only Joking

  HHOKHa Ha, Only Kidding

  HHOSHa Ha, Only Serious

  HHTYAYHappy Holidays To You And Yours

  Hi 5High Five

  HIGHow's It Going?

  HIHHope It Helps

  HIOOCHelp, I'm Out Of Coffee

  HITAKSHang In There And Keep Smiling

  HMFICHead MOFO In Charge

  HMUHit Me Up

  HNTIHow Nice That/This Is

  HNTWHow Nice That Was

  HNYHappy New Year

  HOHang On -or- Hold On

  HOHAHOllywood HAcker

  HOICHold On, I'm Coming

  HOT PICHot Picture, as in sexy or naked

  howruHow Are You

  HOYEWHanging On Your Every Word

  HPHigher Power

  HPOAHot Piece Of Ass

  HPPOHighest Paid Person in Office

  HRCNit means hurricane

  HSIABHaven't Seen It All Before

  HSIKHow Should I Know

  HTHi There -or- Hat Tip

  HTBHang The Bastards

  HTHHope This (or That) Helps

  HTNOTHHit The Nail On The Head

  HUHook Up

  HUAHeads Up Ace -or- Head Up Ass -or- Heard, Understood, Acknowledged

  HUDHow You Doing?



  HUYAHead Up Your Ass


  HWGAHere We Go Again

  hxit means history -or- hospital

  I 1-D-RI Wonder

  I <3 II Love It

  I <3 UI Love You

  i h8 iti hate it

  I&IIntercourse & Inebriation


  IACIn Any Case -or- I Am Confused -or- If Anyone Cares

  IAEIn Any Event

  IAGTKOMI Ain't Got That Kind Of Money

  IAITSIt's All In The Subject

  IANACI Am Not A Crook

  IANADBIPOOTVI Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On TV

  IANAEI Am Not An Expert

  IANALI Am Not A Lawyer

  IANNNGCI Am Not Nurturing the Next Generation of Casualties

  IASAP4UI Always Say A Prayer For You

  IATI Am Tired

  IAWI Agree With -or- In Accordance With

  IAYMI Am Your Master

  IBGYBGI'll Be Gone, You'll Be Gone

  IBIWISII'll Believe It When I See It

  IBKIdiot Behind Keyboard

  IBRBI'll Be Right Back

  IBTIn Between Technology

  IBTCItty Bitty Titty Committee

  IBTDI Beg To Differ

  IBTLIn Before The Lock

  ICIndependant Contractor -or- In Character -or- I See

  ICBWI Could Be Wrong

  ICBWICBMIt Could Be Worse, It Could Be Me

  ICCLI Couldn't Care Less

  ICIHICPCLI Can't Imagine How I Could Possibly Care Less

  ICWI Can't Wait

  ICWUMI See What You Mean

  ICYCIn Case You're Curious -or- In Case You Care

  ICYMIIn Case You Missed It



  IDCI Don't Care

  IDGADI Don't Give A Damn

  IDGAFI Don't Give A F***

  IDGARAI Don't Give A Rats Ass

  IDGII Don't Get It -or- I Don't Get Involved

  IDIFTLI Did It For The Lulz

  IDKI Don't Know

  IDK, my BFF JillI Don't Know, my Best Friend Forever Jill

  IDKABTTI Don't Know About That

  IDKYI Don't Know You

  IDMIt Doesn't Matter

  IDRKI Don't Really Know

  IDSTI Didn't Say That

  IDTAI Did That Already

  IDTBBFI Deserve To Be Blown First

  IDTSI Don't Think So

  IDWTUBI Don't Want To Upset You But

  IEFIt's Esther's Fault

  IF/IBIn the Front -or- In the Back

  IFABI Found A Bug

  IFH8TABXI F***ing Hate This Acronym Bollocks

  IFUI F***ed Up

  IGGPI Gotta Go Pee

  IGTPI Get The Point

  IGWSIt Goes Without Saying

  IGWSTIt Goes Without Saying That

  IGYHTBTI Guess You Had To Be There

  IHAI Hate Acronyms

  IHAIMI Have Another Instant Message

  IHNCI Have No Clue

  IHNOI Have No Opinion

  IHTFPI Have Truly Found Paradise -or- I Hate This F***ing Place

  IHUI Hear You

  IHYI Heart You -or- I Hate You

  IIABDFIIf It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

  IIIOIntel Inside, Idiot Outside

  IIMADIf It Makes Any Difference

  IINMIf I'm Not Mistaken

  IIRIf I Remember -or- If I Recall

  IIRCIf I Remember Correctly -or- If I Recall Correctly

  IITIs It Tight?

  IITLYTOIf It's Too Loud You're Too Old

  IITMIt's In The Mail

  IITYWIMWYBMADIf I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink

  IITYWYBMADIf I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink

  IIWIIIt Is What It Is

  IIWMIf It Were Me

  IJInside Joke

  IJPMPI Just Pissed My Pants

  IJSI'm Just Saying...

  IJWTKI Just Want To Know

  IJWTSI Just Want To Say

  IKALOPLTI Know A Lot Of People Like That

  IKRI Know, Right?

  IKWYMI Know What You Mean

  IKYABWAII Know You Are But What Am I?

  ILAI Love Acronyms

  ILF/MDI Love Female/Male Dominance

  ILII Love It

  ILICISCOMKI Laughed, I Cried, I Spat/Spilt Coffee/Crumbs/Coke On My Keyboard

  ILMJI Love My Job

  ILUI Love You

  ILUAAFI Love You As A Friend

  ILYI Love You

  ILY2I Like/Love You Too

  IMInstant Messaging -or- Immediate Message

  IM2BZ2PI aM Too Busy To (even) Pee

  IMAI Might Add

  IMAOIn My Arrogant Opinion

  IMCOIn My Considered Opinion

  IMEIn My Experience

  IMEZRUI Am Easy, Are You?

  IMFAOIn My F***ing Arrogant Opinion

  imfkd^I am f***ed up

  IMGCI Might Get Caught

  IMHEIUOIn My High Exalted Informed Unassailable Opinion

  IMHIFI Move How I Feel

  IMHOIn My Humble Opinion

  IMII Mean It

  IMJSI'M Just Saying

  IMMLI Make Myself Laugh

  IMNERHOIn My Never Even Remotely Humble Opinion

  IMNSHOIn My Not So Humble Opinion

  IMOIn My Opinion

  IMOOIn My Own Opinion

  IMOWHAI Made Out With Him/Her Anyway

  IMPOVIn My Point Of View

  IMRI Mean Really

  IMRUI Am, Are You?

  IMSI Am Sorry

  INBDIt's No Big Deal

  INMPIt's Not My Problem

  INNWIf Not Now When?

  INPOIn No Particular Order

  INUCOSMIt's No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

  IOHI'm Outta Here

  IONIndex Of Names

  IONOI Don't Know

  IOTIn Order To

  IOTTCOIntuitively Obvious To The Casual Observer

  IOUI Owe You

  IOUDInside, Outside, Upside Down

  IOWIn Other Words

  IPNI'm Posting Naked

  IRLIn Real Life

  IRNCOTI'd Rather Not Comment On That

  ISAGNI See A Great Need

  ISHInsert Sarcasm Here

  ISOIn Search Of

  ISSI Said So -or- I'm So Sure

  ISSOYSI'm So Sick Of Your Stuff -or- S*** -or- Stories

  ISSYGTII'm So Sure You Get The Idea

  ISTMIt Seems To Me

  ISTRI Seem To Remember

  ISWCIf Stupid Were a Crime

  ISWYMI See What You Mean

  ISYALSI'll Send You A Letter Soon

  ITAI Totally Agree

  ITFAIn The Final Analysis

  ITIGBSI Think I'm Going To Be Sick

  ITMIn The Money

  ITMAIt's That Man Again

  ITSIntense Text Sex

  ITS A D8It's A Date

  ITSFWIIf The Shoe Fits Wear It

  IUMIf You Must

  IURIIf You Are Interested

  IWALUI Will Always Love You

  IWBAPTAKYAIYSTAI Will Buy A Plane Ticket And Kick Your Ass If You Say That Again

  IWBNIIt Would Be Nice If

  IWFUI Wanna F*** You

  IWIWUI Wish I Was You

  IWSNI Want Sex Now

  IYAMIf You Ask Me

  IYAOYASIf You Ain't Ordinance You Ain't Sh**

  IYCSSNASDSAAAIf You Cant Say Something Nice About Someone Dont Say Anything At All

  IYDIn Your Dreams

  IYDMMAIf You Don't Mind My Asking

  IYFDIn Your F***ing Dreams

  IYFEGInsert Your Favorite Ethnic Group

  IYKWIMIf You Know What I Mean

  IYKWIMAITYDIf You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do

  IYNAEGBTMIf You Need Anything Else Get Back To Me

  IYOIn Your Opinion

  IYQI Like You

  IYSSIf You Say So

  IYSWIMIf You See What I Mean

  J/CJust Checking

  J/JJust Joking

  J/KJust Kidding

  J/OJerking Off

  J/PJust Playing

  J/WJust Wondering

  J2LYKJust To Let You Know

  J4FJust For Fun

  J4GJust For Grins

  J4T or JFTJust For Today

  J5MJust Five Minutes

  JADJust Another Day

  JAFOJust Another F***ing Onlooker

  JAFSJust A F***ing Salesman

  JAMJust A Minute

  JASJust A Second

  JCJust Curious -or- Just Chilling -or- Jesus Christ

  JDIJust Do It

  JDMJJust Doing My Job


  JEOMKJust Ejaculated On My Keyboard

  JFHJust F*** Her

  JFIJust For Information

  JGMBJust Google Me B*tch

  JHOJust Helping Out

  JHOMJust Helping out My (Mafia, Mob, Neighbors, etc.)

  JHOMFJust Helping Out My Friend(s)

  JICJust In Case

  JKJust Kidding

  JM2CJust My 2 Cents

  JMOJust My Opinion

  JOMLJesus On the Main Line

  JOOTTJust One Of Those Things

  JPJust Playing

  JSUJust Shut Up

  JSYKJust So You Know

  JTJust Teasing

  JTLYKJust To Let You Know

  JTOLJust Thinking Out Loud

  JTOUJust Thinking Of You

  JUADLAMJumping Up And Down Like A Monkey

  JWJust Wondering


  KABKick Ass Bitch

  KBKick Butt


  KCKeep Cool

  KCCOKeep Calm & Carry On

  kewlit means cool

  KFY -or- K4YKiss For You

  KHYFKnow How You Feel

  KIAKilled In Action

  KIBOKnowledge In, Bullsh** Out

  KIPPERSKids In Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings

  KIRKeep It Real

  KISSKeep It Simple Stupid

  KITKeep In Touch

  kittyit means pussy

  KITYKeep It To Yourself

  KKKiss Kiss -or- OK

  KKKit means "over" as in, waiting for your reply

  KMAKiss My Ass

  KMBAKiss My Black Ass

  KMFHAKiss My Fat Hairy Ass

  KMIMKeep Me In Mind

  KMPKeep Me Posted

  KMRIAKiss My Royal Irish Arse

  KMSLAKiss My Shiny Little Ass

  KMUFKiss Me You Fool

  KMWAKiss My White Ass

  KOKnocked Out


  KOTCKiss On The Cheek

  KOTLKiss On The Lips

  KPCKeeping Parents Clueless

  KSKill Stealer

  kudtDutch for f***ed up life

  KUTGWKeep Up The Good Work

  KWIMKnow What I Mean?

  KWSTAKiss With Serious Tongue Action

  KYBCKeep Your Bum Clean

  KYFCKeep Your Fingers Crossed

  KYNCKeep Your Nose Clean

  KYPOKeep Your Pants On

  KYSOTIKeep Your Stick On The Ice


  L&RLove and Respect

  L/MLeft Message


  L?^Let's hook up

  L@ULaughing At You -or- Laughing About You

  LABATYDLife's A Bitch And Then You Die

  LAFWListening (but) Away From Window

  LAGNAFLets All Get Naked And F***

  LAOJLaughing At Own Joke

  LAQLame Ass Quote

  LB?W/CLike Bondage? Whips or Chains

  LBHLet's Be Honest

  LBR and LGRLittle Boy's Room and Little Girl's Room

  LBSLaughing But Serious

  LBUG or LBIGLaughing Because You're Gay -or- Laughing Because I'm Gay

  LDLong Distance -or- Later Dude

  LDIMEDILLIGAFLook Deeply Into My Eyes, Does It Look Like I Give A F***

  LDRLong Distance Relationship

  LDTTWALet's Do The Time Warp Again

  LFLet's F***

  LFTILooking Forward To It

  LFULife"s F***ed Up

  LGLife's Good -or- Long Gone

  LGBTLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

  LGMASLord Give Me A Sign

  LHLaughing Hysterically

  LH6Lets Have Sex

  LHKLove Hugs Kisses

  LHMLord Have Mercy

  LHOLaughing Head Off

  LHOSLets Have Online Sex

  LHSOLet's Have Sex Online

  LHULet's Hook Up

  LIBLying In Bed

  LIFOLast In, First Out

  LIGLet It Go

  LIRLet It Rest

  LISLaughing In Silence

  LJBFLet's Just Be Friends

  LKITRLittle Kid In The Room

  LLLivin' Large

  LLAPLive Long and Prosper

  LLOMLike Leno on Meth

  LLTLooks Like Trouble

  LLTALots and Lots of Thunderous Applause

  LM46Let's Meet For Sex