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#1 Posted : 11/27/2021 8:29:30 PM

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Just curious if many others see a vision at beginning of dmt trip that apears as
red interlocking circles?

I see these circles all the time at the start of the trip...

I think they look cool... and assume others also see these/..?


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#2 Posted : 11/28/2021 7:16:45 PM

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I have seen this before after smoking a lot of Mucuna Pruriens leaves on MAOis, which contain a variety of tryptamines. First CEVs I saw were overlapping red circles in the center of my visual field exactly as you described. but just DMT on its self, I haven't had that vision.
#3 Posted : 11/28/2021 7:24:23 PM

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No, not that particular vision. But I do have recurring characters like that—actually, many people seem to, even across long breaks. Lately I've been seeing the same crystal butterfly in the same place even on different substances...
I wonder if these things have some dense symbolic meaning, like a dream tell (supposedly you can identify that you're dreaming by noticing some thing that is ALWAYS there in your dreams). Not a clue as to what it could mean, though, if anything at all.
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I see an air traffic controller character, very neon and cartoony, waving his flags, nearly every time I am breaking thru and getting pulled across the other side.
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Hello starway7!
Thanks for bringing this up.
The beginning of every high-dose DMT journey I have is accompanied by a rotating black-and-white structure, as in this image.
Enjoy your travels.
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My normal is "living geometry". It's a massive construct that is asymmetrical, made of different 3d geometrical shapes and "alive". It twists and turns and sometimes has eyes that open in random places. Breakthroughs are different for me. Sometimes I see the Crysanthymum but not always. I often see seas of flagella, that's a definite recurring theme. Constructs with alien letters and flagella poking out.
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