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#1 Posted : 8/9/2021 3:28:09 PM

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This was my 3rd time trying to make the stuff. I seem to remember using heat before and ended up with orange goo that did nothing. This time I used Lazyman tek and it worked. I was surprised anything happened at all.

I don't think I "blasted off", per se. But I saw entities. Does that count? I was definitely in a rapidly shifting colorful place, but it wasn't like another planet or anything. One entity was shifting around, and I didn't realize it was an entity at first. Then there was another one like 1 foot away from me. No face, just a humanoid shape. It was apparently showing me this sphere inside of a box, but it was moving around and transforming so quicky that I couldn't figure out what it was. I didn't realize she was showing it to me until the colors started to fade to gray and I started to float off and she almost chased me saying 'look!'. Things faded to gray and I asked what I could do to be better. I saw a couple of creepy chinese dragon faces float by - they were me and my anger. Something about my mom. It felt cliche'. I came out of it then. But I remember smiling a couple times; not sure why.

I took like 3 hits. First hit made me feel a little weird and slow. Second hit gave me wavy visuals. Third hit started getting psychedelic with eyes open, so I closed them. I don't think there was a 4th hit, but not certain.

I'm wondering if I've been influenced by the experiences that I've read. I was hoping to go into the 'crysanthemum', but that's not where I was. Just that moving neon light place. I mean, I can't complain. I wanted to meet entities and I did. I was a ho-leeee-sheeeiiit! But I do hope I can go deeper.
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#2 Posted : 8/9/2021 10:18:18 PM

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Power of suggestion is... well, powerful Big grin . Try yo ignore what you've read about others experiences. Your experience is all yours. If hyperspace is an objective phenomenal place, then it is very vast.

To my understanding "blasting off" seems to just be a general term for vaping DMT. "Breaking through" seems to indicate a very high and deep level of experience. For me personally, if entities are interacted with, it's at least a sub breakthrough.

There are instances where the space I'm in has an entity (or several) embedded in it.

How have you felt since?

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#3 Posted : 8/10/2021 4:36:18 AM

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Felt pretty good today. No particular stress. Looking forward to going again in the morning with my husband this time.

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#4 Posted : 9/22/2021 10:31:53 PM

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I broke through today with a 3 to 1 DMT to CBC oil cartridge and did not see the Crysanthymum this time either. At first it felt as though I wasn't going to breakthrough then suddenly I was catapulted to what I like to call 'the top of existence'. It was a familiar space, wide open and sprawling and I could move through it freely. I lost all sense of identity and felt calm and serene although a heavy demonic presence was felt and a large beast with tentacles was below the area I was in I actually felt safe and protected. I had an epiphany that some of us actually manifest our beliefs in the real world when we actually believe them. I felt loved and cared for. Demonic images were very on reentry and red and black heavy OEVs. Strangely I felt comforted by this as well, at no time did I feel uneasy or scared.

What you described sounds like a breakthrough. I have seen entities that try to show me something and some that try to get me to look away. There is a recurring 'living' geometrical creature that sometimes opens an eye at random spots in their blocks. Then there are the journeys like today where the space is very real and open. I have been through the Crysanthymum but it doesn't always manifest yet entry is still possible.

I do suggest getting some type of digital set up to use the molecule, hot objects can be very dangerous, especially without a sitter. With my cartridge I feel safe going alone. I'm waiting for my Vandy Vape Mesh RDA now (they cancelled the first order and now I'm waiting again. I'm glad I found the thread about CBC in the meantime, it definitely does the job).
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