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#1 Posted : 8/4/2021 1:58:47 PM

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Preparation of the trip:
- Setting: comfortable bed, warm blanket, complete darkness, covered mirrors, rainy day
- For the first time I used incense in the room during the trip
- Shrooms: 4g dry Golden Teacher shrooms sitting in my freezer since about 6-7 months (from the very first flush I ever harvested Very happy)
- Set: I was in a super bright mood, excited to trip and absolutely certain that it would be a great one!
- Meditated for 20min before taking the shrooms, using a chanting bowl, setting my intent towards a few personal questions and insights but globally prepared myself to accept whatever would come my way

- Ate the shrooms all together with some chocolate + water at 18h on an empty stomach
- Went to bathroom as usual after taking shrooms
- Watched Youtube crap waiting for the trip
- Around 18h30, I felt the usual tickling in my limbs and the urge to close my eyes (just like last time, I felt the effects very quickly)
- Got a few CEVs slowly gaining in strength until I got to the...

Wave 1 (and/or 2??):
- I do not remember exactly the number of waves or the detailed structure of the trip or even half of what I experienced (which tends to make me think that the shrooms were very potent in psilocybin), but...
- The visuals in the first waves were gorgeous with fractal meshes and colors ranging from deep blue and jungle green all the way to warm yellow/orange and vivid red
- I got a feeling of a mix between DMT trips and good old organic shroom trips but it was not as “jungly” as my few first shroom trips
- The shroom tested me at the beginning, trying to direct me towards a dark, black and red, spiky, toothy saying “well you said you were prepared to anything”. I politely thanked it, paid my respects to the entity and declined, deciding to go down the happy way. I seemed to use my good energy to turn the dark entity into a green/yellow/white entity and went on
- No jungle-like insect buzzing
- I got teleported into a meeting with people, I don’t remember the details but I told them right of the bat that I was not interested and I wanted to see what was beyond all of this
- Then the most intense part of the trip happened where the shroom wanted to get rid of my body and I was like “but how could I forget that I have a body??” and it would go piece by piece “let’s get rid of your legs first”. Then the arms, the chest, the head, the eyes…
- I lost my identity and became a ball of light feeling everything that was thrown at it (ego death?) and this part was really super intense
- I travelled through space and colorful fractal psychedelic meshes and I could see a kind of divine light above me getting closer and closer
- Just like with my usual DMT trips, right before reaching the light, the wave stopped and I found myself lying in my room, my head tilted backwards as I was trying to reach this damn light, all my muscles tense
- No visit from Gaia either, even though I really really wanted it... The entity accompanying me during my initial travel through the fractal cosmic imagery felt a little Gaia-like though Smile

Middle of the trip:
- This part of the trip heavily focused on myself but not on the questions I had set my intent towards…
- I won’t go through all the personal insights I got here, but several were pretty sad/negative
- Only one got turned around by the shroom telling me that it was actually a strength I could build on
- The shroom showed itself several times as an old, wrinkly, skinny, black and gooey old man and excused itself telling me that “we are old, you should not expect too much from us” (as a reference to the 6 months in the freezer?)
- The waves lasted between 20 and 30min and I would go to the bathroom between each of them as usual

End of the trip:
- I don’t really remember the last waves but they were browny in color, there was no more insight from the shroom, just nice shapes and strange hallucinations
- I had my phone and was texting a few friends between the waves and I think I did it too much in the end, I have the feeling it interacted with the trip, maybe ending it prematurely

- I got up around 22h to eat something and recoup after the intensity of the trip (especially the first waves)
- I got a headache (cause of the phone? The incense? The age of the shrooms?)
- Ate some stuff, watched some more Youtube and went to sleep
- Got a great night but spent the next day with a headache (that disappeared after one aspirin)

A great experience, my first time in such an intense out of body/ego trip!

Overall, the trip started super good and devolved to a more questionable note which I still wonder about. Why did the personal insights feel so bad and negative? It was not like it was insulting me or anything like that, but I felt a little… Disappointed in myself. It did not match my initial mindset (I never felt better about eating shrooms Very happy).

Next time, I will try to smoke some DMT in the middle of it Smile.

What do you guys think?

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I think that's an excellent report and it sounded like an amazing experience. 4 grams is a good amount! Smile

I don't know about you, sometimes I feel like the personal realizations I get during trips may feel sad or disappointing because they (in the moment) come across as obvious. It's like, "Oh, of course that's what's wrong with me, I knew this deep down all along. Except now I'm just high on drugs and feeling guilty or bad about it. And I don't want to do that! I could have just not taken the drugs anyway." Perhaps that sounds harsh, but we all know how labile our emotions can be when psychedelicked. I don't mean to speak for anybody other than myself, as well. The thing is, the psychedelic makes those realizations unavoidable, and is also kind of the point. If we don't get uncomfortable about things that are supposed to feel uncomfortable, we'll continue to go on ignoring them and continue building up cognitive dissonance, latent or not.

Just a guess here, no way to tell for sure, I think your headache could have been caused by low blood sugar and/or dehydration. Those are really common causes of headache. If you only had a bit of chocolate with the shrooms on an empty stomach and were not actively drinking water during the trip, I'd bet on it. I'm glad that it was solved the next day with a simple aspirin. Thumbs up

Always enjoy reading your reports, Mr. Psi! Happy travels my friend. Cool
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Hey slane!

Dehydration huh? That's a nice hint! That may be it. I'll pay attention to that next time.

Regarding the disappointment, I think I need more time to integrate but it does not come from the fact that I was high on drugs because I do not really consider shrooms or dmt as drugs (or at least not "bad" drugs).

Maybe it has to do with the fact that subconsciously I feel like I am not improving fast enough (which is stupid, but heh...).

Let's see the next one Smile.

Safe travels my friend!
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