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The HANDBOOK - another way to understand DMT Entities Options
#41 Posted : 4/2/2021 10:46:25 PM

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FeraeNaturae wrote:
A funny incident happened to me after reading this thread. In particular, I was interested in the information about Tsentsak, which was provided by the respected Benway.
I have never met a truly aggressive entity in my travels. I am not an experienced traveler yet. But reading the Nexus forum, I often come across the opinion that such entities can appear even for more experienced travelers.
When I read about Tsentsak, I thought I should memorize this method. Just in case.
On the same day, when it got dark, I took my just-made DMT car (then my GVG had not yet been delivered to me). I soaked a copper wire pillow with spice, took a lighter and went out into the garden. Sitting comfortably in his favorite chair, he proceeded to vaporize. But I found that my butane lighter went out when I aimed the flame down. I had no other lighter. I have a butane burner. But it doesn't go out when I let it go. To extinguish this burner, you need to close the tap. I thought that since there is nothing to burn in the garden, I only risk my own skin. I took the burner, thought over my actions after evaporation of the spice. I lit the burner, inhaled it all in one long breath. The smoke was bitter and unpleasant, probably I was burning the spice. I thought that the spice was burnt and I didn't have enough for a breakthrough. But there was a lot of smoke. I think there was some spice left in the pillow after I evaporated the spice from the pillow in my vaporizer, which was apparently ineffective.
I realized that this time, the effect of the spice comes very quickly. I turned off the burner. As I bent down to put the burner aside, I noticed a huge, dark, demonic-looking entity among the trees. I had time to think that I would need to remember about Tsentsak if this entity turns out to be dangerous. Then I turned the other way to gently put my DMT car down. Yellow and orange hexagons were already dancing around me, amidst the mechanical sounds. I thought I needed to check if my butane burner had gone out. When I turned to the side where I left the burner, I saw that the garden in front of me, illuminated with bright light, around me there are a lot of multi-colored, very bright entities, similar to the Joker. That dark being of demonic appearance, huge, above the trees stood practically in front of my chair. Before I had time to realize it all, as one of these multi-colored entities, I will call her the Joker, she jumped my knees with irony looking me straight in the eyes. She thrust her finger right into my head and said, “You put out the burner. You burned the DMT. But that's enough for you. ”Then she raised her head towards that huge dark entity and told him with the same irony“ he wanted to throw Tsentsak at you ”. And everyone started laughing. They just laughed at me like horses. Everyone, except for a huge dark entity, set off in some wild, colored round dance around me. They continued to laugh out loud. Then they stopped, looked at me, and the Joker again jumped into my lap, and with his trademark smile, put his finger in my head. - “You put out the burner. You burned the DMT. But that's enough for you, ”he said again. I thought it could go on forever and not be interesting. “I get it,” I said to the Joker. The Joker jumped off his knees, and again, laughing, everyone began to dance around my chair. New essences arrived, it is amazing how they fit in my, far from small garden. There were already three of those dark and huge. They just stood over me, looked down at me and laughed.
Gradually, the intensity of the round dance began to subside, the entities began to disperse. The last to leave were the huge dark entities. I sat dazed, watching the three huge backs wandering down the slope.
I must say that after traveling, I always find objects that my mind used to show me fantastic entities and landscapes. The image of those dark giants, my mind sketched from the silhouettes of trees against the background of the sky lit by the moon. But here's the Joker, it was a mystery. I have not seen anything like this around me.
Then I came here to share with you my experience.
As soon as I opened this thread, I saw the avatar of the respected FranLover! Oh yeah! This is him, the image that my mind used to show me the Joker while traveling. I laugh at myself now and then, while traveling.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this.
Sorry for my english.
Enjoy your travels!

Hi FeraeNaturae,

very interesting experience.

In fact I would say that from alchemy I have learned that etities must be respected and that you can respond to them by seeking help from friendly entities. I do not think we are prepared to react against an entity also because in this way we become indebted to them.

I have noticed that each plant carries with it the spirits of humans who have dealt with a given plant. So the mimosa connects me with the pre-Columbian entities (new experience for me) and the phalaris show themselves with many different aspects until I associate the right figures with those that would coincide with the plant: sometimes it appears demonic (shows how it can be when is angry), sometimes she appears humanoid, sometimes human (a beautiful girl like Mesopotamian, perhaps because she comes from there), sometimes plant as such, sometimes half plant half human etc ...

Benway has been absent for a long time already and I am left ... ... for now I hope.

Similarly to how an entity can be presented, it would be interesting to attribute it to a given species starting from understanding whether it is mobile or immobile, or if it belongs to atoms or animals or plants.

What has been tried is to parallelize entities and sensations and emotions that we can feel (example: a mouse could be the guardian of fear, hydrogen could be the guardian of force. Or instead of guardians they could be what we identify with senses and emotions etc ...).

But I think I'm complicating too much by trying to explain too many things in a few words ...


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