Using a Crafty Vaporizer Options
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HolderChert wrote:
Another vote for crafty. Ever since I found this thread last summer this is the only thing I use. Everything has already been said I my experience is very similar, 180 C is where mine stays set and it’s set to increase to 190 with double click at the end of the session or to clear it before next session. I’ve tried hotter and it resulted in burning the material, and any cooler wasn’t vaporizing quick enough. One difference ime is that for whatever reason I can’t load up on mine like loveall does because my unit will noticeably waste spice in between sessions if I do this. I’ve thought of taking it out after a session while it cools but it’s a sticky mess and I’m sure you can imagine impossible most of the time when you’re broken through. So I weigh my doses on a milligram scale.

Hope it works out for you.


I do think some is indeed lost during each heat up / cool down with the crafty. However the convenience of load and forget is worth it for me. After a few sessions you can clean the crafty with IPA, re-x in naphtha and recover a lot back (not sure of % though).

The direct e-mesh method is much more efficient, but you need to carefully measure and load it up every single time.

I think having both available is great. You want to drink harmalas + have a long gently ramping vaping session (possibly with friends) without having to fiddle with DMT? Load up the crafty with 100mg+. You want a single strong supper efficient hit? Load up the e-mesh with 15 mg.

For my personal preference, it is great to have both these options and choose based on your mood 😊

What are you in the mood for? "tantric" or "quicky" 😅
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