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Extra fumaric acid is nothing to worry about, it's sold as a dietary supplement. It will make your dosing measurements unreliable between different batches. If you try dosing a batch low in fumaric acid excess at the same level as a dose previously calibrated for a high fumaric acid batch you could get quite a surprise! Caveat, or purify.
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blue.magic wrote:
Thanks for all the advice.

I have finally collected 263 mg of powder of which 194 mg should be the fumaric acid. So 69 mg of mescaline at best (from two 12" San Pedros) - probably more like 50 mg or so...

It seems the amount of mescaline is sub-threshold and it won't have any effect.

I will study forums for different advice to improve the mescaline extraction later. It seems it has many cuplrits that are not described in a single Tek and one has to experiment a lot before getting grip of it.

Use peruvian torch cacti it loaded with mescaline..

The problem could be your cacti may be to weak/....

In mescaline extraction one must first have potent cacti...

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Yes I will try Peruvianus later. The reason for choosing Pachanoi was that they reportedly tend to give more stable mescaline content and it is easier to guess how much HCl to use for salt precipitation.

Anyway, I tried the 120 mg mesc. fumarate (capsuled) and the effects were very mild, almost not felt. It was mood uplifting, though this could very well be a placebo effect.

I decided to add small dose of LSD as it increases my sensitivity - and wow - I felt the Mescalito making my trip rounded and pleasant (certainly not LSD-like, more natural and grounded).
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