E-liquid success: An express ticket to the Alien Pool-Party Options
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Things have certainly changed in the vape world. Awesome technology dirt cheap.Cool

One thing that’s new (for me) is now if you liked TC you can program your hit. So you can turbo through your ramp up time and then immediately back off and plane out by adjusting your watts like you do your bass and treble. For what all that is and offers I still just use VW. I’m simple.

Does anyone have any preference of coil style? Back when I tried spice via vape mod I used straight kanthal but for vaping nicotine I’ve been making quad core fused claptons. For nicotine they’re definately better but in my head I could see how either might be better. Have you guys been experimenting around?

One last thing, what do you do about waste factor when you change your cotton? That’s a lot of concentrated spice in there just to chuck. I’ve been thinking, when I make my coils I snip the cotton 1/4’’ or so past either side of the coil edge. I was thinking if I saturate the ends in the plain juice and then drip the active juice on the coil that after each use you could hit the ends again with plain juice and push the spice towards the center where it meets in the center of your coil. You could flush it entirely, then chuck the cotton.

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