An Idea for A Collaborative Research Project Options
#21 Posted : 6/19/2013 12:37:59 AM

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Good Day!

I stumbled across your community and this is my first post, so please be gentle.
I guess i am hoping to be of some use as a resource to any projects.
Currently I work in a part of QLD, that is relatively remote, however, it appears I have landed in the middle of Acacia Boulevard.
I am going to make half day trips out to research the local area, but what kind of information is going to be useful to you all? I have already had three different species pointed out to me by the Environmentalists I work with but their spp identification is not the strongest.

If i am in the wrong thread, apologies, please PM me any guidance.


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Perhaps HERE would be better for you.
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I will work on gathering the information on Salvia officinalis and Thujone oil. It would be nice if you added this plant on the list, but even if you don't, I'll continue my research. Smile
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#24 Posted : 1/7/2014 11:28:53 AM

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Count me in guys.
I'm thinking, while I'm in Malaysia & Singapore, I can do some ground work for you. Whether that be going to any places and asking them for any literature or information they might only have on paper and have not digitised, please feel free to suggest or PM me

I'm particularly interested in helping from a cultivation perspective, I'm thinking of various tests and/or conditions that can be implemented to analyse the growth rates etc taking a systematic approach (eg exhibit A-F under 24hr light periods, G-L 16hr light periods. Different solutions/fertilizers/rhizobium bacteria etc).
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#25 Posted : 2/6/2014 6:09:00 AM

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Hey Team,

So where does everyone want propagation/cultivation/growing guides to be located?
In the forums?
In the wiki under growing guides?
In the wiki under each specific plant?

I'm thinking a section under each plant in the wiki, but open to suggestions.
For now, I'll start correlating the various guides (plus add my own research findings) in the wiki. I'll start with the "TOP 8 ACACIAS TO GROW WORLDWIDE" list

I've also heard our resident moderator Jamie is a bit of a pioneer with Acacia Bonsai's - am actually planning on doing a whole bunch of bonsai's with acumanata at the moment - would love to get all this stuff together as well

ps. Have started brainstorming an acacia ID smartphone app (as opposed to the webpage version) so people can ID out in the field on the fly. It's gonna be awesome! Cool

Throughout recorded time and long before, trees have stood as sentinels, wise yet silent, patiently accumulating their rings while the storms of history have raged around them --The living wisdom of trees, Fred Hageneder
#26 Posted : 2/8/2014 10:57:14 AM
member for the trees

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^..good stuff --Shadow !Smile thanks for this

the forum is really more up to date at the moment than wiki regarding acacias..
ah! time evaporates...but with collective effort we can get ahead..

btw, acacias sometimes naturally bonsai when they don't have much root space, but i digress..

if i can be of help let me know...
i hope, like the Traveler in the Nexian #1, to win the lottery and have acacian info as a full time pursuit...
#27 Posted : 4/7/2014 11:08:30 AM

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any CRP work/research already done by the nexus members? would love to take a look at it
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kaaos wrote:
any CRP work/research already done by the nexus members? would love to take a look at it

Have you looked here?
The NexianNexus ResearchThe OHT
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I would definitely like to help with this, I will read more into it and try to help as best I can
#30 Posted : 5/6/2018 10:33:56 PM
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I have some phalaris brachystachys seeds in the mail. If I can get them to grow reliably (I'm more chemist than gardener) I plan to do a quantitative analysis of the effects of things like harvest time, plant part (new vs old growth) and other such variables on DMT quantity.

If the idea gets beyond the toying-with-it stage, I'll be sure to post my results in the wiki
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I encourage you. P. Brachystachys is a possible candidate for homemade DMT but I am quite skeptical. There are so many wild substrains with unknown chemical profile that is a mess to really work out through all of them.

Good luck!
#32 Posted : 5/7/2018 4:31:44 AM

bioanalytical chemist

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Big grin

I looked at 2-week old p.brach seedlings using LCMS in early 2011. Signal intensity was 90 for dmt, and 10 for gramine.
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