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I ended up having an intense breakthrough with only 45mg 5-MeO-DMT fumarate boofed. The comeup was quite powerful and eruptive for being so stretched out. It felt like coming up while vaporizing, but it lasted for 20 minutes instead of 5-30 seconds. The peak apparently lasted 45 minutes and was very strong, dissociative, and Euphoric. It surprisingly began with lots of visuals and remarkably impressive colors before entering the white. Gone. Nothing. Nada. This nothingness, the white void, or whatever you want to call it felt a lot more present and pronounced than with vaporization. Artistically crafted waves of majestic rapid and sporadic disintegration and oneness came crashing over and over. It just felt perfect in a million ways I could never remember. The comedown was a long, hyperactive, incredibly happy and entactogenic ride. Coming down was incredibly uplifting, relaxing, and dissociative before disappearing completely after around 2 or 3 hours total, leaving me feeling back to normal.
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