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here's a hypothetical recipe that ive put together about psychedelic saltwater taffy. it was posted on another forum initially but thought it would be very helpful to offer it up here for review as well. will the fumarate salt remain stable at 285F or will they need to be incorporated differently into the taffy? please leave your advice or any other relevant data. thanks!!


* Begin by boiling 1.5 cups of water to dissolve a reasonable size of DMT-fumarate (according to the nexus it will be stable to 305F although requires 31% more than freebase) or Harmala alkaloids, depending on which batch youll be making. Next, mix into a bowl with 2 cups sugar, 1 cup Karo , 1 tsp salt, and .5 tsp glycerin.
* Bring to a boil and slowly raise to 285F. Test with candy therm! Remove from heat 3 minutes and mix in 1 tsp flavoring, 5-7 drops food coloring, and 2 Tbsp butter. Mix well and lay out on greased baking sheet.
* Once cooled to lukewarm/handling temperature, begin to fold and pull the taffy vigorously for 10-15 minutes. Cooking oil on your hands will be helpful. Roll into rope and cut into 1" squares to be wrapper in wax paper and stored in an airtight container. Divide total number of pieces into the amount of DMT/Harmala and youll be able to calculate a rough dosage.

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here we go...

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