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#1 Posted : 4/22/2010 1:44:09 PM

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-20 Mg spice

First experience was with a friend as a sitter.
I was taking the second toke and suddenly everything in the room start being brighter,like everything was jumping in light.
"Take another hit-take 1 more" my friend was yelling but i couldnt hardly hear him because i couldnt even feel if i was breahing or not
I hit the sofa very hard
Suddenly a big membrane start spinning forward and backward in front of me with all the most beautiful colors.i couldnt move my body, i feelt i had a connection to it but i couldnt move it at all.
I remember it was a low strange sound,very weird because it was changin with the membrane tha was spinning

A voice or something called on me and said to me that dont be afraid,let go of your body and come.
I tryed to release my body but it was a strange feeling
I felt joy and happiness rinse through my body as i was start smiling.
I really dont remeber so much after that but suddenly
i was back in a very bright room where my usual brown uggly curtains was now the most beutiful curtains i ever seen,green and red shining light on the sides of them.
My sitters head was shining with a strange light as he was smiling.

I didnt go deep but now i know what its like and i cant wait to next opportunity to put more spice in the machineVery happy

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Take long slow hits; hold it in as long as you can; and make sure you get the whole dose - whether that takes 1 or 2 or 3 hits. And don't be afraid, or overwhelmed by the geometry - try to relax completely and allow yourself to be drawn in. If you're increasing the dose, I'd recommend doing it gradually; don't overdo it. <Maybe 30mg next time, and see how that works for you.

safe travels, friend
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88 wrote:
...If you're increasing the dose, I'd recommend doing it gradually; don't overdo it. <Maybe 30mg next time, and see how that works for you.

safe travels, friend

Going from 20mg to 30mg might be a big jump. For me, 20mg is sub-breakthrough, 25mg is a moderately strong journey, and 30mg is often overly intense. There’s a huge difference between 20mg and 30mg.
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