L-glutamine vs L-theanine.. Options
#1 Posted : 8/8/2009 12:39:05 AM

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both are GABA agonists and help with stress by down regulating the over-exitatory effects of stimulants, the dopamine system etc..they pass the blood brain barrier and are psycho-active..theanine promotes meditative brainwaves..not sure about glutamine yet..

L-theanine is found in green tea, and is responciple for smoothening out the negative side effects of the caffine..also can be found in health food stores as a supplement for stress and anxiety.

L-glutamine is found in the human body and works in the same way as theanine, as far as I know..and I think it's a precurser for GABA itself in the body..

So, whats the point in taking theanine if you can get glutamine, since glutamine is endogenous? My doctor put me on L-glutamine supplements, with beta carotene in them for repairing my stomach lining..I was taking melatonin for stress sometimes, but she told me not to, and gave me some supplements containing GABA, kava kava, passionflower, 5HTP, and insitosol I think..but the main one is GABA..these are all natural from a naturalpath..but never used this medicine because the melatonin really was only to get to get to sleep..but glutamine seems better than GABA, wont taking GABA eventually depleat it more, where as glutamine wont becasue it's a precusrer?

I have been taking 1200mg of L-glutamine a day, thinking it was only for my stomach(thats what she gave them to me for)..but now after doing some research I think that the glutamine has actually been really helping me stay calm..I was looking into theanine supplements when I realised what glutamine is there really any reason for me to take theanine?? anyone have experience with both?

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Does anybody tried phenybut ? It is also related to GABA.
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DMT Lexus wrote:
I took L-glutamine 5-6g daily for about 2 weeks and haven't notice any big difference comparing to my usual state. I can say I started to be a little bit more calm and relaxed but it's not very significant. Probably, I should take it for a longer time.
My friend said, that after taking glutamine his shroom trips became more touching and deep.
Also, my other friend said he feels a lot better now, his allergies are off and he feels more young just in 15 days of L-glutamine daily intake.

Have you got some experiences with L-glutamine and its influence on your daily life and your trips? Feel free to chime in, it would be nice to read some other psychonauts experiences Embarrased

Lol, this thread was absolutely ancient man.

But, with that said, i utilize an enormous list of supplements daily- 42-49 various aminos/herbs/nootropics/supplements scheduled at morning/noon/evening/bed depending on the day, lol. L-Theanine and L-Glutamine are two of them. I generally take 2g glutamine AM and 3g at bed, along with 400mg L-theanine at bed.

I also will dose 600mg L-theanine and 5g L-Glutamine (along with a couple other things) before any psychedelic experience. Not only do they remove stressful elements and anxiety, but they also make your body/muscles far more comfortable through the experience. Glutamine in general is the most widely utilized amino acid by the body. It does everything from repairing soft tissues to facilitate biosynthesis of neurotransmitters.
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Th3k1d93 wrote:
Lol, this thread was absolutely ancient man.

Laughing Back from the dead. Maybe now the topic will get some traction.

I too take a pretty hefty list of such supplements as well (but not 42-49 Laughing ), including glutamine (1000mg in the morning). I use it mainly for brain function and digestion. It may help in recovery from working out (which right now, I'm at the gym everyday).

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Voidmatrix wrote:

I too take a pretty hefty list of such supplements as well (but not 42-49 Laughing )

Haha, it's been in a long time in development. My legitimate career is in the general health/wellness/supplement/nootropic area. I've always been infatuated with the notion of better living through chemistry and deep diving longevity studies, lol.

Edit: Any time i use that phrase, i try to reinforce that better living through chemistry starts with better living. There's no pill replacement for exercise, sleep, or sunlight.
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