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living/fermented whole food plant based diet + supplementation (80:20 raw:cooked)

Constant and Gradual detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins, your body will change on a electrochemical level completely after about 2 years (the first months of which will be the most intense) due to the excretion of stored heavy metals and other toxins in deep tissues and cells

I find this diet to be especially suited for psychedelic experiences without the usual issues most people who go fully vegan have like muscle loss and general weakness or hormonal imbalance and rapid aging on raw vegan diets

also best to mention that fruits and tubers make up the bulk of the volume of what you'd eat in general

Supplements every morning:

drink filtered water first
1- 1000-2000ug of vitamin B12 sublingual supplement + 10mg-15mg of potassium iodine
2- 1g of N-Acetyl-Cysteine + lime juice
3- 5-15g of zeolite and/or 5-15g of bentonite clay + 1-2 tsp of chlorella on a empty stomach
4- 1200ug of chromium picolinate supplement + 8mg zinc citrate + 400ug sodium selenite (30 minutes before the next meal and 2 hours after the previous meal, don't take this first thing in the morning)

*recipes* what i eat in the week:

-Herbal & Fungal medicine: first thing every morning, use filtered water to make herbal teas or dissolve double extracts of medicinal herbs and mushrooms (milk thistle - mullein flowers - dandelion roots - nettle roots - burdock roots - reishi - lions mane - cordyceps - black seeds - cloves - star anise ) + 1g of shilajit

(Consumption of hot drinks on an empty stomach plays a key role in the dynamism and flushing of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver)

-Lymph and kidneys: after the herbal & fungal teas/extracts, Sour fruits or juices such as limes and grapefruits or other citrus fruits, pomegranates, grapes, pineapples, etc. on an empty stomach

-Liver and lungs: juice all kinds of herbs (parsley/cilantro...) + carrots/beets + ginger + lemons and mix with 1-2 tablespoons of spirulina/chlorella and drink on an empty stomach

If you have kidney problems or you feel extra pressure on your kidneys after changing your diet, avoid consuming crushed substances such as tahini due to the release of calcium from the cell wall and its absorption, and don't take more than 12,000ui of vit d3 daily and use sour fruits like lime and grapefruit on an empty stomach to wash your kidneys out.

-Sprout milk: 2 cups of hemp sprouts (push it down to fill the air inbetween for a full cup) + 1.5 - 2 cups of purified water or coconut water + 500mg sodium borate + pinch of salt in a blender for 2 minutes and squeeze in a cloth bag
Mix with ripe bananas or fresh dates or mangoes, etc. and drink with vitamins D3, K2 and CoQ10.

-Salad: add different microgreens and sprouts such as radishes, clover, alfalfa, broccoli... etc. + red bell peppers + spinach + edible mushrooms + red cabbage and lettuce And tomatoes and cucumbers and onions... + cruciferous vegetables like kale... etc, whatever type of salad you'd like

-Cooked tubers and roasted vegetables:

note that your microbiome needs some cooked food such as baked potatoes or grilled/roasted tomatoes ... so make sure you have some every once in a while when you feel like it

Chop all the ingredients with a knife and mix the kefir hummus with it as the salad dressing

-Fermented Kefir "everything" hummus:

1-germination stage:

-Nuts and Seeds: Sunflower seeds + pumpkin seeds + almonds + walnuts + pistachios + hazelnuts + pine nuts... (total of 1kg dry weight)
Soak the seeds for 8 hours and the nuts for 24 hours and after draining, set aside in a sprout bag.

-Grains: soak skinned oats or buckwheat for 4 hours and drain and set aside in a sprout bag (total of 1.5kg dry weight)

-legumes: soak mung beans or yellow lupins for 24 hours and set aside in a sprout bag or if cooking soak chickpeas for 24hours and boil it in fresh water (total of 1.5kg dry weight if cooking the legumes)

2-mixing stage:

dry out the extra moisture on soaked/germinated nuts, seeds, grains and legumes and grind them as fine as possible in a food processor

-"THE sauce":
blend fresh chives and basil and cilantro etc with 3 purple onions and 2 shallots and 1 garlic in 4-6 cups of freshly squeezed lime/lemon juice and add +6Tbs of salt and 45g of nutritional yeast and +6Tbs of black pepper and 6-12 green hot chilis and fresh ginger and turmeric and ground black seeds or black seed sprout and about 200g of spirulina and lets call this "THE sauce"

3-Probiotics and spices:

blend your nuts & seed powder with "THE sauce" until smooth (acids dissolve fats so you may add a bit of apple cider too), it should not be too loose and watery

blend the grains and legumes with water kefir until smooth, not too loose

mix everything together and fill up half a container and closed the lid.

4-fermentation stage 1-2 days:

After 24 hours, the volume will increase and it is ready to eat, but it reaches peak fermentation in 48 hours at room temperature which is ideal if you want to introduce the highest density of probiotics in your system, however the longer it ferments the sourer it will get and also will be noticeably easier to digest also, while being already very easy to digest.

If you keep it in the refrigerator, take it out at least 8 hours before consumption so that the probiotics are fully reactivated


* water kefir has a large selection of probiotics, feeding kefir grains date syrup and purified water, is ideal for fermenting various foods because it has more microbial diversity than other natural probiotics
water kefir is the same milk kefir grains adapted to feeding on something like date syrup or molasses etc, you can adapt it yourself but it takes like a month of feeding it water + syrup and changing the water every few days until its used to the new food source, so what i do is i have about 6 1L glass jars with kefir grains and filtered water and date syrup, and i pour the water content through a mesh into for example the soaked almonds or germinated oats etc, then blend it all and put in another container and put the lid on, and you put the kefir grains back in the glass jars and add water + date syrup and it ferments in 24/48 hours and is ready to use again, with date syrup they will take on a red brick type of color, the clear ones are fed sugar which is not sustainable *

since once digested by kefir probiotics, it is also much easier for the body to absorb and take up more nutrients, along with enzymes, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory substances that are made by probiotics during fermentation.

Adding black seed oil/powder can accelerate the repair of the fatty layer of the small intestine, which is the place for learning and planning of immune cells, considering that various kefir probiotics also play a role in repairing intestinal tissue and removing toxins and food waste from intestinal pores.

The most troublesome recipe of this diet is this fermented hummus , which is worth making due to its strategic approach to neutralizing plant anti nutrients and increasing digestibility in the process of sprouting and fermentation, while combining elements which are required for the full utilization of key nutrients from plants in the body, other benefits such as very ACTIVE pre and probiotic which can heal your digestive track and microbiome and the long shelf life (out of the fridge up to 14 days IME or more), you can make a large batch and keep it in the refrigerator even longer.

Importance of consuming live and fermented foods (fruits, vegetables, grain and bean and seed sprouts, kefir) in contrast to raw or cooked food (tahini, oats, cooked beans, bread) is in the availability and absorption of nutrients

Consumption of live and fermented ingredients in small meals in such a way that you feel the least pressure during digestion will make the uninvolved energy available for repair and purification of the body during the day and you will experience a healing process.

The key point of eating raw and not heating food is that more than 90% of heavy metals in raw foods are not absorbed by the body, but a high percentage of heavy metals in cooked foods are absorbed by the body.

Supplements needed daily to maintain vitality and detox heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium ... :

1 gram of shilajit (organic copper and fulvic / humic acid) ~ detoxifier and iron carrier / hemoglobin production

100-600mg enzyme ubiquinol (CoQ10) ~ cardiovascular health

1-2 teaspoons of yeast extract (natural B complex vitamin) ~ general vitality

+171units of vitamin D3 per kilogram of body weight
(70 kg ~ +12,000) or sunbathe +45mins ~ one of the most important biological needs

2 cups of hemp sprout milk or 2tsp of chia powder (ALA) ~ essential in brain detox

1-2 tbsp of spirulina/chlorella (EPA/DHA + chlorophyll and Antioxidants etc) ~ essential in plant based diets

1-2 tbsp edible bentonite clay (Silica and heavy metal absorption in the gut) ~ essential for heavy metal dumping

120ug of vitamin k2 (bone health) ~ you may not have the specific bacteria to produce it

1000-2000ug B12 sublingual is necessary in plant based diets ~ the bacteria responsible die in sanitation

4-8 mg of zinc citrate (zinc) ~ Not present in soil

400ug of sodium selenite (selenium) ~ not present in soil

15mg of potassium iodide (iodine) ~ not present in soil

500mg sodium borate (boron) ~ Not present in soil

1.2mg of chromium picolinate (chromium) ~ Not present in soil

*nutrition table*


Protein up to 2.2g/kg of body weight:
(70 kg × 2.2 = 154 g)

100g of spirulina ~ 66g
100g of nutritional yeast ~ 56g
100g of yellow lupin ~ 40g
100g of hemp seeds ~ 30g
100g of mung beans ~ 24g
100g of almonds ~ 21g
100g of pistachios ~ 20g
100g of pumpkin seeds ~ 20g
100g of peanuts ~ 19g
100g of sunflower kernel ~ 19g
100g of flaxseed ~ 18g
100g of cashews ~ 18g
100g of sesame ~ 16.5g
100g of chia seeds ~ 15.4g
100g of walnuts ~ 15g
100g of amaranth grains ~ 14-16g
100g of skinned oats ~ 13g
100g of buckwheat ~ 12g

Fats +75g:

100g of sunflower kernel ~ 51g/584cal
100g of almonds ~ 50g/579cal
100g of peanuts ~ 49‌g/567cal
100g of sesame ~ 49g/526cal
100g of pumpkin kernel ~ 49g/559cal
100g of pistachios ~ 45g/560cal
100g of chia seeds ~ 41g/534cal
100g of hemp seeds ~ 36g/406cal


14g Spirulina ~ 1g (EPA/DHA)
100g of flaxseed ~ 22g
100g of chia seeds ~ 17.5g
100g of walnuts ~ 9g
100g of hemp seeds ~ 8g


100g of walnuts ~ 38g
100g of hemp seeds ~ 30g
100g of sunflower kernels ~ 23g
100g of peanuts ~ 15g
100g of pistachios ~ 13g

Omega 9:

100g of almonds ~ 30g
100g of cashews ~ 24g
100g of walnuts ~ 9g


100g of oats ~ 67g/379cal
100g mung bean ~ 46g/347cal
100g of raisins ~ 78g/299cal
100g of dates ~ 75g/282cal
1 grapefruit ~ 21g/129cal
1 orange ~ 14g/72cal
1 lemon ~ 1.6g/19cal

Fat-soluble vitamins

Vitamin A:

1 cup of carrot juice ~ 2256mcg or 251%dv
1 cup of pumpkins ~ 1906mcg or 212%dv
100g of grape leaves ~ 1376mcg or 153%dv
1 cup of chopped carrots ~ 1068mcg or 119%dv
1 medium cantaloupe ~ 932mcg or 104%dv


100g of guava ~ 5204mg
100g of watermelon red ~ 4532mg
100g of tomatoes cooked ~ 3041mg
100g of tomatoes raw ~ 2573mg
100g of papaya ~ 1828mg
100g of grapefruit red ~ 1419mg

Lutein and Zeazanthin:

100g of kale raw ~ 39550mg
100g of kale boiled ~ 18246mg
100g of dandelion greens raw ~ 13610mg
100g of cress raw ~ 12500mg
100g of spinach raw ~ 12198mg
100g spinach boiled ~ 11308mg
100g of dandelion greens boiled ~ 9158mg
100g of cress boiled ~ 8402mg
100g of parsley raw ~ 5561mg

Vitamin E:

1 cup of sunflower kernel ~ 49mg or 219%dv
100g of almonds ~ 26mg or 116%dv
1 cup of flaxseed ~ 30 mg or 134%dv

Vitamin D:

Get full sun for 30 to 180 minutes or eat +171ui/kg of vitamin d3 before meals.

Vitamin K1:

60 grams of fresh basil ~ 984ug or 801%dv

Vitamin K2 (mk4 / mk7):

120ug mk7 supplement

CoQ10 enzyme:

100-600mg daily as ubiquinol supplement

Water-soluble vitamins

Vitamin C:

100g of guava ~ 228mg or 246%dv
1 cup of red bell pepper ~ 190mg or 205%dv
1 hot green pepper ~ 109mg or 118%dv
60 grams of fresh basil ~ 79mg or 87%dv

Vitamin B1:

1tsp of nutritional yeast ~ 1.4mg or 114%dv
0.5 cup of chia seeds ~ 1.35mg or 133%dv
1 cup of sunflower seeds ~ 2mg or 173%dv

Vitamin B2:

1tsp of nutritional yeast ~ 1mg or 79%dv
28g of almonds ~ 0.3mg or 24%dv
1 cup of mung beans ~ 0.48mg or 37%dv
1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 0.33mg or 24%dv
1tbs of spirulina ~ 0.25mg or 19%dv
1 cup of sesame seeds ~ 0.6mg or 44%dv

Vitamin B3:

1tsp of nutritional yeast ~ 7.6mg or 47%dv
1 cup of peanuts ~ 17mg or 108%dv
1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 11mg or 66%dv
1 cup of sunflower kernels ~ 11.6mg or 73%dv

Vitamin B4:

1 medium cauliflower ~ 260mg
1 cup of mung bean ~ 202mg
1 cup of pumpkin seed kernel ~ 81mg

Vitamin B5:

4 dried shiitake mushrooms ~ 3.2mg or 66%dv
1 cup of white button mushrooms ~ 1.4mg or 29%dv
1 cup of mung bean ~ 3.9mg or 79%dv
1 cup of sunflower kernels ~ 1.5mg or 32%dv

Vitamin B6:

1 cup of sunflower kernels ~ 1.8mg or 145%dv

Vitamin B7:

1 cup of peanuts ~ 24ug
1 cup of white button mushrooms ~ 2.9ug

Vitamin B9:

1 cup of mung beans ~ 1239ug or 316%dv
1 cup of sunflower kernel ~ 317ug or 78%dv
1tsp of nutritional yeast ~ 352ug or 86%dv

Vitamin B12:

+1000ug supplement sublingual ~ 10ug absorbed

PQQ enzyme NG/ML (increases with fermentation):

Natto ~ 61
Parsley ~ 34
Green tea ~ 29
Green pepper ~ 28
Kiwi ~ 27
Spinach ~ 21



1 cup of tahini ~ 1241mg of calcium or 93%dv
64 grams of fresh basil ~ 168mg or 18%dv


Grapefruit juice ~ 64
Lemon juice ~ 47
Orange juice ~ 47


The body needs two types of magnesium, which are found in chlorophyll or vegetable green pigment and along with protein in grains, legumes, etc. Therefore, vegetable juice and seed milk are the richest sources of magnesium, which is the key mineral of the body.

1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 840mg or 210%dv
1 cup of pepitas ~ 763mg or 191%dv
343g of spinach ~ 340mg or 85%dv
0.5 of chia seeds ~ 329mg or 82%dv
1 cup of tahini ~ 441mg or 110%dv



1 cup of mung beans ~ 2579mg or 54%dv
1 large potato(400g) ~ 2132mg or 45%dv
1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 1440mg or 31%dv
1 cup of beet greens ~ 1310mg or 28%dv
4 whole tomatoes ~ 1185mg or 25%dv
1 cup of pumpkin seeds ~ 1043mg or 22%dv
1 cup spinach ~ 839mg or 18%dv


100 grams of olives ~ 735mg
100 grams of pickles ~ 1208mg


1tsp of spirulina ~ 0.4mg or 47%dv
28g of cashew nuts ~ 0.62mg or 67%dv
1 cup of sunflower seeds ~ 2.52mg or 273%dv
1 cup of mung bean ~ 1.95 mg or 217%dv
1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 1.92 mg or 208%dv


2tbsp spirulina ~ 4mg or 21%dv
434g of spinach ~ 12mg or 61%dv
1 cup of tahini ~ 20.9mg or 114%dv
1 cup of mung beans ~ 14mg or 78%dv
1 cup of pumpkin seed kernel ~ 11.8mg or 62%dv
1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 9.8mg or 51%dv


4-8 mg zinc(citrate) supplement
1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 12mg or 105%dv
1 cup of tahini ~ 11mg or 99%dv
1 cup of pumpkin seed ~ 10mg or 89%dv
1 cup of mung beans ~ 5.5mg or 55%dv


1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 1980mg or 274%dv
1 cup of pumpkin seed ~ 1590mg or 222%dv


2.1g of clove powder ~ 1.2mg or 54%dv
1 cup of hemp seeds ~ 9.12 mg or 387%dv


1 cup of sunflower kernels ~ 74ug or 132%dv
1 cup of sesame ~ 49ug or 88%dv
400ug sodium selenite or 120ug Selenomethionine daily as a supplement


15,000ug as potassium iodine supplement


100 of almonds ~ 2.5 mg
100 of raisins ~ 4.5 mg
500mg sodium borate ~ 60 mg


1200ug chromium picolinate supplement
Buckwheat and barley
Raisins and grapes


1-2tbsp of edible bentonite clay

Good quality Syrian rue (Peganum harmala) for an incredible price!
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Boundary Condition

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Thanks for sharing. Presumably this is a regimen which you yourself use. Have you had any blood tests for your heavy metal levels? Of course, it's a fairly safe assumption that most people nowadays have a significant background level of stuff like lead, cadmium and mercury - and on that note, which other heavy metals would you consider to be problematic?

Do you have a specific reference for the following claim?:
Espurrr wrote:
The key point of eating raw and not heating food is that more than 90% of heavy metals in raw foods are not absorbed by the body, but a high percentage of heavy metals in cooked foods are absorbed by the body.

PS - this is quite inspiring, it has been well over a decade since my last attempt at raw living. The major challenge for me is making this work in a cold climate.

“There is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work."
― Jacques Bergier, quoting Fulcanelli
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Have you had any blood tests for your heavy metal levels?

Hi, you'd take a high dose of dmsa and sample your urine form the next 6 hours and send it for detection which I believe is the more accurate way to test, I haven't tested myself but I've had +20 few hour long episodes of particles slowly exiting my brain and organs in the past few months which has a distinct feeling and is noticeably painful, tho followed by a increased sensitivity and lightness I those areas after the episodes, I've had things exit my brain and eyes the most but also from my heart and lungs and sexual organs, however the liver and kidney are always at work and there will be noticable chronic pressure in the first months

and on that note, which other heavy metals would you consider to be problematic?

I think in general having a trend towards constant detox is the idea here since you wouldn't really know what's in you and where, so far these distinct heavy detox episodes have all happened while I was meditating and in a high energy state meaning the body probably was like "well might as well get rid of this since there's nothing else to do"

I will post the paper for you, it was a study on feeding dogs raw and cooked swordfish with high mercury levels

Yes, it would be much easier the closer you get to the tropics, I'm not gonna say it's very easy doing this but it's certainly delicious without serious consequence! And having tried literally every possible diet while studying it's biological implications I'm pretty sure this is the best way to be eating plants, tho regenerative farming and diatom/cyanobacterial fertilizer/ pest and microbiome control would be the next step in increasing quality, which I believe Chinese ppl are working on
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made some finishing touches to the original post
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the very slow rate of digestion and elimination in the state of ketosis is quite counter-effective to psychedelic states as it is key to put the least amount of stress on the organs and also have a nearly empty digestive tract while dosed IME
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