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#21 Posted : 5/21/2021 3:39:44 AM

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wearepeople wrote:
Kash wrote:
Man I wouldn't think the pandemic would affect availability of cacti cuttings... they are still growing regardless. I was thinking it was some government crackdown I missed?

But yeah could just be more demand like you say Grey Fox. Maybe more people staying at home wanting to get high or there are more people reading about the best psychedelic now, one of the two. Confused

It has nothing to do with the pandemic.

The community around cacti shifted over the past 5 years. Something in 2017 happened where -- all of a sudden -- trichocereus became very collectable. It's changed the shape of the game in a lot of ways.

This must be it. Between demand, people being shut down, and the pandemic...

It was a ONE-TWO-THREE punch KO. And now there are very few sources to find the best cacti there is... ACHUMA the pinnacle of all cacti... unless you are in the know. Even then if you are lucky, you pay 3X as much as 5 years ago. Crazy.
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I've been a cactus grower and cactus tea drinker since as far back as I can remember. I have noticed the recent rarity of the bridgesii, it's way more expensive, smaller, and difficult to find much of the time.

However, I have a simple solution. Please see my recent discovery...the plants taught this to me. I have taken Ayahuasca x 70 times and cactus x 200 times in my lifetime.

This thread will show you how to use 200 to 300mg of tetrahydroharmine taken orally 1 hour before, then take 60mg of DMT complexed to 420mg HPBCD (hydroxy propyl beta cyclodextrin) all mashed on a spoon with 10 drops of very hot near boiling water from a nearby coffee mug, then place it under tongue for 15 minutes, spit out any saliva into a cup, dont rinse mouth out, but the mild sting & numbness will decrease to nothing over the next 5 to 10 minutes.

You will experience 10 minutes in after holding under tongue a level 3.5 shulgin trip with the 60mg dmt combined with the 250mg thh taken 1 hour all lasts 90 minutes, then you can redose up to x 2 more times with more HPBCD DMT taken every 1.5 to 2 hours.

this gives me a trip identical to high dose cactus tea=very euphoric, music sounds incredible, heavy cev imagery, open eyed profound beauty...all this for hours on end if you keep redosing the HPBCD DMT every 2 hours...I love it even more than cactus tea cause it's dirt cheap to experience a level 5 trip now using only 80mg of DMT complexed to 560mg of HPBCD.

With 80mg sublingual DMT, I saw colored geometrics fill the walls, and waves of neon colors rippled across the room, level 5 trip, it was AMAZING!

I have used this 6 times already over many weeks, and have not taken any cactus since, I am blown away with this stuff, highly recommend.

Now I save my rare cactus for special times I go outdoors for trips.

Here are trip reports with all the pics:
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Posted a san pedro experience (alternative), see here:
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